Supplementing Health With Children’s Vitamins

For parents with kids that are picky eaters, a common concern is that children aren’t getting enough nutrition through diet alone. For these families, supplementing health with a children’s vitamin can be beneficial. But a common question that often arises centers on what vitamin format is better, chewables or gummies? While chewable vitamins are a classic choice, the influx of gummy vitamins can leave parents confused on which option is the right choice.

ReNue Rx Chewable vs Gummy Vitamins: Which Is Better For Children?

Chewables versus gummies explained

Most adults are familiar with chewable children’s vitamins. The formulation is easier for children to consume, especially if a child has difficulty swallowing pills. However, a common drawback for many chewable vitamins is that the product has a chalky texture which can be difficult to ignore. Over the years, gummy vitamins continue to expand in market share as a tasty alternative to chewables. The usually richly flavored vitamins are easier to chew and tend not to leave a gross aftertaste or texture in the mouth. However, both chewable and gummy vitamins have unique benefits and drawbacks.

The good and bad of chewables

The obvious drawback of chewable vitamins is the chalky texture mentioned earlier. However, one of the biggest benefits of chewables is the higher vitamin content. When compared against gummy vitamins, chewables tend to contain more of the included vitamins. As a result, if a parent is concerned about ensuring a child is getting enough of a specific vitamin, a chewable can be a better option.

The good and bad of gummies

Hands down, gummy vitamins tend to be more palatable for children to eat. In many ways, this type of vitamin is little more than a gummy candy that’s been fortified with essential nutrients. However, gummy vitamins tend to have particular concerns that aren’t always found in chewables. Specifically, gummy vitamins tend to have lower vitamin content when compared with chewables. Additionally, depending on the manufacturer, gummies can contain high amounts of sugar and questionable ingredients like high fructose corn syrup or other fillers that parents might not want children to consume.

Keep in mind

While many physicians will recommend chewable vitamins over gummies, parents should be mindful of the following facts. Many children’s vitamins lack iron or don’t provide enough iron to fully supplement the daily recommended amount that kids need. Additionally, unless a child is truly undernourished through a daily diet, vitamins usually aren’t recommended. Also, note that children’s vitamins should be treated as medicine. Both chewable and gummy children’s vitamins are designed to be sweet and tasty. So, younger children might not understand that consuming more than the daily recommended amount can be dangerous.

Choosing children’s vitamins

Often, parents can supplement nutrients with foods rather than relying on a magic pill. And depending on the nutritional imbalance, a children’s vitamin might provide too much of one vitamin and not enough of an alternate vitamin. But ultimately, parents should speak with a healthcare provider before deciding to add a vitamin to a child’s daily routine.


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