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Whether getting in shape for a special event or general health, losing weight is a common goal many people share. For many individuals, turning to commercial supplements can seem like an easy way to lose weight. However, most research suggests that many options promoted in pop culture often have anecdotal results at best. Instead of jumping on the next fad or trend, consider these natural fat-burning alternatives.

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1. Boost protein consumption

If weight loss is a serious goal, then overhauling dietary choices is critical. Most people know that a diet low in fats and sugars is important. To turn the body into a fat-burning machine, opt for high-protein foods specifically. Multiple studies have shown that participants who ate high-quality protein were at a lower risk of obesity and could preserve muscle mass and metabolism while losing weight. Smart options include eggs, beans, lean meats and seafood, and dairy products. Adding a whey protein to smoothies or a collagen supplement is an easy way to increase protein.

2. Focus on strength training

While cardio activity is ideal for getting the heart pumping, strength training is another critical way to reduce body fat. Specifically, research shows that lifting weights for at least 1 month can translate to a reduction of body fat, especially visceral fat. Also known as belly fat, visceral fat surrounds the organs and can often be the most stubborn to remove. Plus, research suggests that strength training in older populations can naturally boost resting metabolism rates, further supporting increased fat burn.

3. Get enough sleep

In a perfect world, every person would get 8 hours of sleep per night. The reality is usually a different story. However, studies consistently show that repeatedly getting poor or not enough sleep is linked with obesity. Additionally, other studies suggest that insufficient sleep can change how hunger hormones function in the body. As a result, some people may experience increased appetite if sleep deprived. Aiming for at least 7 hours a night can offer the best benefit towards weight management and improved overall health. Valerian root and vitamin B6 often help promote healthy sleep.

4. Cut out soda

Sugar is a naturally occurring substance found in almost all foods. Along with being addictive, consuming too much of the sweet substance can manifest as added weight thanks to the excessive caloric intake the powdery confection represents. Opting for unsweetened alternatives like water or tea can help people cut out empty calories. Replace soda with water and add fresh lemon juice for taste.

Eat smart and get moving

Opting to lose weight is a step in a positive direction for countless people. While turning new choices into healthy habits can be hard, the outcomes are worth the preliminary sacrifice. While the above list isn’t comprehensive, the 4 recommendations are simple yet effective ways to boost metabolism, burn fat, and get into shape. For more healthy tips, consider speaking with a physician.


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