Eat More Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients and have many health benefits. The American Heart Association recommends about five portions, or 4.5 cups, of fruits and vegetables each day. The problem is that most people are raised on a diet of meats and carbs. While adding in more fruits and vegetables can seem complicated, there are multiple ways to sneak these foods into each meal.

ReNue Rx 3 Ways To Add More Fruits Veggies To Your Daily Diet

1. Frozen is okay

Fresh produce may look prettier, but frozen is just as good. Most fruits or vegetables are flash-frozen at peak ripeness. Therefore, all the vitamins and minerals remain. Frozen produce is cheaper, more convenient to store, and lasts longer. Another benefit is there is no need to cut or peel most frozen food. Add frozen fruit to a smoothie for a colorful, cold, and flavorful addition. Frozen vegetables can be quickly thrown in a pan or cooked in the microwave.

2. The half-plate rule

Consuming enough fruits and vegetables can be difficult, but the half plate rule makes eating produce easier. Half of every meal should be fruits and vegetables. The rest of the plate should be divided into a quarter for meat and a quarter for carbs. By automatically making half of every plate fruits or vegetables, this eliminates the need to track consumption throughout the day.

3. Eat the rainbow

The best method to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables is to eat the rainbow. Fruits and vegetables of every color have various benefits. Green produce is a mood stabilizer, promotes healthy bones, and fights congenital diseases. Red fruits and vegetables fight cancer and cardiovascular disease. Yellow and orange produce encourages cell growth and healthy vision. Purple and blue fruits and veggies reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Even white and brown produce protects the heart and helps keep bones healthy. Adding in multiple colors to each meal will help the individual consume a wide variety of healthy nutrients.

Why are fruits and vegetables beneficial?

Fruits and vegetables are naturally flavorful and contain many vital nutrients. Fruits and vegetables help protect the body against diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Fruits and vegetables also have a low glycemic index, reduce obesity, and lower cholesterol. Just about every part can be eaten, both skin and meat. Fruits and vegetables are a very versatile part of any diet.

Adding in fruits and veggies is easy

Having fruits and vegetables on hand will make consuming enough easier to do. Sneaking in more fruits and vegetables is easier than many may think. Frozen produce should not be ignored and is just as good as fresh, not to mention more convenient. Start by making half the plate fruits or vegetables. Eating the rainbow, produce of every color, is an excellent method to consume lots of different fruits and vegetables. Not to mention a prettier plate is more likely to keep an individual eating healthier. For more tips on adding more fruits and vegetables, consult a healthcare provider.


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