The Relationship Between Hormones And Health

Most people think that hormones are a component that primarily impacts women, especially regarding the monthly menstrual cycle. However, men can also experience hormonal imbalances affecting testosterone, metabolism, and growth. Circadian rhythms, reproduction, and even a person’s mood are all regulated by hormones. Maintaining proper balance with the following tips can ensure better health outcomes.


1. Create a healthy diet

The occasional cheat day or indulgent meal isn’t a crime. However, dietary choices can have a significant impact on maintaining healthy hormone levels and minimizing the risk of poor health. In particular, people are encouraged to consume enough protein to obtain essential amino acids that aid in producing certain hormones. Core bodily functions like appetite, food intake, and maintaining energy are all dependent on this dietary building block.

2. Get moving

Unsurprisingly, staying active and getting enough exercise regularly is critical to maintaining overall health. However, reaching sufficient activity levels every day can also bolster hormonal equilibrium. Research has shown that insulin regulation is most directly affected by physical activity. Insulin is a hormone that impacts how efficiently the body synthesizes and processes sugars. Meanwhile, a common contributor to glucose-related conditions like diabetes is insufficient exercise. Increased physical activity has also been linked with supporting testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and human growth hormone (HGH) levels as people age.

3. Avoid stress

Telling people to avoid stress can seem like a tall order, given how hectic a person’s life can get. However, the recommendation is geared to minimize the potential for a specific hormone to cause havoc in the body. Specifically, cortisol is the stress hormone that can create unintended consequences if levels rise uncontrollably. Excessive cortisol is directly linked with a host of health conditions, from heart problems to diabetes, and can even encourage excessive weight gain. While completely avoiding stressors is unrealistic, finding healthy ways to minimize stress, such as yoga, meditation, exercising, or listening to music, can all be beneficial to limit the harmful impact of cortisol.

Take a measured approach

While many hormonal imbalances can be controlled through behavioral choices like diet, exercise, and stress-relieving techniques, sometimes seeking medical assistance is best. For example, people experiencing thyroid problems or menstrual irregularities are encouraged to seek professional support. A physician or endocrinologist can provide proper guidance and prescription medication if needed to bring hormonal levels closer to normal and minimize unwanted outcomes. People who suspect a hormonal imbalance should consider scheduling an appointment with a doctor for appropriate testing.


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