HRT Can Help Aging

The endocrine system produces, releases, and regulates several hormones, which change over time. As people age, hormones like estrogen and testosterone drop significantly, bringing on a range of unwanted symptoms. These symptoms can start as early as 40, impacting the quality of life for many men and women. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can supplement those hormones lost in the transition.

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Many types of HRT

Hormone replacement therapy is provided in every form, including injections, creams, nasal, pill and implants. Doctor will often prescribe HRT in a form the patient is most comfortable with using. When used consistently, HRT can help prevent severe menopausal symptoms like night sweats, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes in women and help men with loss of muscle mass and libido. Women will also notice improved mood and increased libido. Since the risk of some conditions like osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease increases with age, HRT may balance the scales.

Compounding HRT

Hormone replacement therapy is not a one size fits all treatment. HRT is typically customized for each person’s needs. Compounding has been used to improve the chances of success. Compounding is a practice where a pharmacist can use raw ingredients or multiple medicines to make a new single form specific to the patient’s need.

Compounding benefits

There are several reasons why patients can benefit from compounded hormone replacement therapy. Making medicine in a specific dose and form allows the patient to have maximum benefits with minimal risk. Compounding also helps people avoid allergies or side effects caused by fillers, preservatives, and other ingredients in regular medications. Compounding also helps with medication adherence. Changing the medication to a gel, cream, patch, or spray can increase the chances of using HRT consistently. Doctors will recommend HRT in different regimens. For instance, cyclical HRT is needed daily for up to 2-6 weeks. Continuous combined therapy is required daily for as long as the treatment is prescribed.

Make HRT better

Men and women have benefitted from hormone replacement therapy and HRT is often hailed as the fountain of youth. Using HRT often makes people feel younger or energized. Reducing those unwanted symptoms can bring a new lease on life. Since HRT is a specialized treatment, compounding can make the process even better. Patients can save time and money by getting a special formula designed to help with adherence while avoiding unpleasant side effects.


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