Acne: Not Just For Kids

Many people think of acne as a problem plaguing teenagers. But many adults suffer from acne, too. Acne is the most common skin concern in the US, affecting more than 50 million Americans each year. Even into the 30s and 40s, up to 15% of women suffer from acne. Every person’s skin is unique and needs individualized treatment and attention. Dermatology compounding treatments can provide this level of individualization to help patients prevent acne and maintain glowing, healthy skin.

ReNue Rx Prevent Acne With Dermatology Compounding Treatments

Custom skincare options

Compounding pharmacies can make and fill custom-formulated prescriptions. This includes skincare products. Over-the-counter products can contain unwanted chemicals and lead to dry, irritated skin. This is particularly a concern for people who have acne-prone skin.

Put the products down

People with acne-prone skin tend to reach for products with strong chemicals. However, these chemicals can be harsh on the skin and increase inflammation. Additionally, people who struggle with acne have a tendency to layer on multiple skincare products, and this can sometimes create adverse reactions or interactions. Through compounding dermatology, patients can get custom prescription products that will fight acne without all the drug interactions and reactions.

Not just for acne prevention

Dermatology compounding treatments don’t just prevent acne. The treatments can even be helpful for those who suffered from acne in the past and want to clear up scars. One study showed that patients with acne scars who used dermatology compounding treatments saw significant improvements in skin appearance. What’s more, when researchers followed up a year later, the study participants still had improved, acne- and scar-free skin.

Common causes of acne

Even though people try to prevent acne through skincare products, sometimes products can actually be the culprit of acne. For example, many creams, moisturizers, or makeup products are comedogenic. This means that these products clog pores and can cause breakouts.

Compound dermatology to the rescue

Patients who get compounding dermatology prescriptions can get products that are formulated with the exact ingredients that will be beneficial for that patient’s skin. Over-the-counter products and even prescriptions often only come in a small range of strengths. Compounding pharmacies can offer prescriptions that are customized to the specific strength level that a patient needs without causing comedogenic or irritating side effects.

Find a compounding pharmacy

A skincare routine to prevent acne deserves individualized attention. Compounding treatments can address a person’s specific skincare concerns without harsh reactions or side effects. Speak with a pharmacist or dermatologist today to find out more about compounding treatments.


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