The New Skincare Trend On The Block

Skincare has quickly become an essential part of everyday life. The multi-billion dollar skincare industry shows no signs of slowing down. This is especially true with men and older persons becoming more conscious about skin health. But with hundreds of department store brands, many get overwhelmed by the choices. And while many products are effective, some brands bring the opposite effect. This has brought about a rise in personalized skincare products. Which one should consumers choose?

ReNue Rx Is A Personalized Skincare Product Better Than Department Store Brands

Department store brand vs customization

From moisturizers, creams, and face scrubs to exfoliators and masks, there are hundreds of options in department stores and online. Department store brands have the advantage of being available, affordable, useful, and safe. The thing is, no two skin types are the same. One department store brand works wonders for one person. The same brand causes dryness and irritation to another. Clinics, pharmacists, and even some store brands have brought personalized skincare products to the market. Through questionnaires, consultations, and even artificial intelligence, companies now know exactly what each client needs. Then based on skin type, skin requirements, and even allergies, clinics create a customized product to bring maximum results.

Better skin through personalization

Millions of people have dull skin, dry skin, along with various skin types. Department store brands have been able to serve basic skin types. However, there are persons with sensitive skin, and personalized serum works best. Persons looking for glowing, healthier, youthful skin can use products with the best success rates, leaving out the unnecessary fillers. Personalization also reduces the number of products needed for skincare. To get the same result, 3 or more store-bought brands may be required instead of 1 or 2 personalized products.

Longterm vs short-term costs

Personalized skincare may initially appear more expensive than department store brands. Like any bespoke product, the time, care, and experience needed shows up in the price. Personalized skincare also needs individual active ingredients. These can be more expensive than mass-produced brands. On the flip side, however, consumers need to purchase and try different types of store brands to find the best fit. The wrong product can cause further skin damage, racking up trips to the dermatologist. Investing in a personalized product up front can save money down the road.

Ingredients for the conscious consumer

Department store brands tend to include several ingredients that can be effective for some persons. For others, these ingredients can raise allergies or irritate. A customized serum allows persons to remove possible allergens. Today’s conscious consumer also wants to consume fewer products that are harmful to the environment. Personalization allows skincare users to remove ingredients that do not line up with current values.

Choose the best product for your skin today

More and more pharmacies and skin care clinics are pushing the personalization trend forward. Consumers don’t necessarily want more choices but better ones. These entities know that each skin type is different and work with the consumer to create the best skin care solutions. If dull skin, dry skin, acne, or other skin conditions are a pain, try switching to a custom brew. Speak with a dermatologist, pharmacist, or clinic for a customized product today.


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