Allergic Reaction-Free Compound Medications

Many people can benefit from compound medications, particularly those who suffer from allergies. As well as active ingredients, many pill and liquid medications also contain binders, fillers, and dyes. Some people are allergic to these ingredients, which can make a medical treatment potentially fatal. Commonly used allergens include peanut oil derivatives, gelatin, corn, dairy, wheat, coconut, and potatoes.

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If there are allergens in a prescription medication, a compounding pharmacist can reformulate the drug. Doing so removes the non-essential ingredients to which a patient is allergic. Doctors can provide prescriptions for compounded medications so that the patient’s health is not compromised.

Other benefits of compound medications

Compound medications can be designed with a variety of delivery methods to suit an individual patient’s needs. For example, if someone has difficulty swallowing tablets, the medication can be compounded into an oral liquid which is easier to take. In some circumstances, topical creams may also be available.

Compound medications can be used for a number of different conditions. Compound pharmacies are most frequently prescribed for oral and topical pain medications, hormone replacement therapy, dermatological applications, and thyroid medications. Anyone can use compound medications.

Are compound medications safe?

Compounding pharmacies use rigorous safety standards and compound the drugs in a sterile environment. Pharmacists who compound medications usually have specialized training. Compound medications can be expensive, and some insurance carriers do not cover alternative medications.

Not all regular retail pharmacies compound medications. Many busy pharmacies focus only on commercially available drugs which don’t require mixing. Typically patients must go to a specialized compounding pharmacy.


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