Why Are Pharmacies Specifically Dedicated to Compounded Drugs?

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Read Time: 2 minutes Before the days of mass drug manufacturing, nearly all medications were compounded. Pharmacists’ roles changed from preparing medications to being the dispenser of medications. Either way, a pharmacist’s role is crucial and their expertise in drugs, medications, and their interaction is essential for the consumer.

With mass-producing medications, most prescription needs get met. However, there are some patients that do not do well with a mass-consumed drug. They may need a little tweak in the medication or a big change to make the medication work best for them.

Today there is a new interest in compounding and with that has come many compounding-specific pharmacies such as your local ReNue RX Pharmacy in Frisco. Pharmacists at ReNue RX spend their time compounding special medications for their patients. These are based on a patient’s specific needs, illness, complication, or health profile.

A pharmaceutical compound is made by a licensed pharmacist at ReNue RX to produce a unique medication required for the specific needs of a patient.  This is a new preparation of a prescription drug mixed with other pharmaceuticals or mixtures to produce a product that suits a patient’s particular and unique needs.

Compounding is regulated by state pharmacy boards and there are standards and regulations that pharmacists abide by whether compounding a medication or using standard pharmaceutical methods.

Compounded medications and prescriptions typically carry labels that state that the medication has been compounded.

If you require a compounded medication, ask your pharmacist at ReNue RX Pharmacy for help or for the recommendation of a compounding pharmacy.

ReNue Rx is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in serving the community with fast, friendly and professional service. The staff is well trained and are willing to help you every step of the way. To learn more, visit ReNue Rx Pharmacy.