Compound Skincare vs Over-The-Counter Skincare

Over-the-counter (OTC) skincare products can be affordable options for individuals on a budget or consumers who aren’t well-versed in an effective skincare regimen. While customers can choose from hundreds of OTC skincare products, compound skincare provides patients with a carefully formulated medication to maximize the drug’s effectiveness and reduce side effects. Which one should patients choose?

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It’s all about the ingredients

OTC skincare products can seem like a bargain compared to pricier items, but can often come with cheaper ingredients. Fillers, colors, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives can be found in many popular skincare products. Compound medication contains the highest quality ingredients. Patients can work with a pharmacist to avoid encountering any irritating ingredients.

Medication tailored to your skin type

Mass-produced skincare runs the risk of overlooking particular types of skin. Not everyone adheres to the traditional sensitive, oily, and dry categories of complexion. Skin condition depends on hormones, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. Compound skincare can consider all aspects to craft a unique treatment that won’t cause any allergies or medication interactions.

Smoother skin in no time

Compared to OTC skincare, compound skincare can offer patients faster results due to the personalization that goes into every treatment. OTC’s one-size-fits-all approach decreases the effectiveness of certain medications on skin conditions. Skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles can be treated with a safe and custom skincare product designed for speedy results.

More choice in treatment

Oral medication can be a common form of treatment for skin issues but needs to be digested to take effect. Compound skincare provides users with different treatment forms that aren’t just oral medications. Compound pharmacies can create a range of topical medications for patients that can’t take oral medicine. Transdermal delivery can provide faster-localized relief compared to oral medication.

Compound skincare for the best treatment

Custom skincare products aren’t top of mind for many doctors or patients. Doctors can easily recommend a manufactured drug, but some cases require a stronger dose, fewer ingredients, and other minor changes. Compounding pharmacies can provide patients with the necessary medication during a time of need. Patients can consult with a pharmacist or dermatologist to learn more about compound pharmacies and the benefits of personalized medicine.


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