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Dental Compounding Topical Anesthetics - ReNue Rx Frisco

Many people experience anxiety with visits to the dentist, but did you know that your pharmacist may be able to help with this? Dental compounding allows your dentist or orthodontist and pharmacist to work together to create local anesthetics. Compounded medications are created for each individual person, which means it can be made exactly for your specific needs.

Compounded anesthetics are used by dentists and orthodontists before dental procedures to numb areas of the mouth. This means the patient feels less pain and can have a more pleasant visit to the dentist.

What are topical anesthetics?

Topical anesthetics are medications that can be applied directly to the skin to relieve pain. They work by blocking nerve sensations which can be used as an effective way to stop or prevent pain. In the case of dental work, compounded topical anesthetics are used to keep patients comfortable and ensure they do not have pain during procedures.

Why are compounded topical anesthetics used?

Compounding allows your pharmacist to tailor medications to your individual needs. This is especially important for topical anesthetics that are applied to the mouth, because your pharmacist can add flavoring to make the product taste good while it also numbs your mouth or gums. Other ways your pharmacist can tailor the medication is by customizing the medications used in the formulation based on your individual needs.

Compounded anesthetics can include various active ingredients, including lidocaine, tetracaine, prilocaine, phenylephrine, or combinations of these products. The ingredients used may vary based on the dental work that is being done, because some drugs work faster and others last longer.

Understanding your unique needs allows your local Frisco pharmacist to create the medication that will work best for you, so talk to your ReNue Rx pharmacist before your next dental appointment.

If you are interested and trying a compounded shampoo or learning more about their benefits, speak with your ReNue pharmacist about all of the options.

ReNue Rx is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in serving the community with fast, friendly and professional service. The staff is well trained and are willing to help you every step of the way. To learn more, visit ReNue Rx.


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