Vegan-Friendly Multivitamins

A plant-based diet can provide sufficient nutrition in many cases, but sometimes a few nutrients can be lacking. A compounded multivitamin offers a custom solution that fills in nutritional gaps for vegans. Nutrients such as vitamin B12, creatine, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids can be tricky to find in a vegan diet. Compound pharmacies provide guidance on maintaining a balanced diet while supplementing with a custom multivitamin.

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Where a vegan diet can go wrong

Plant-based diets can be an excellent way to prevent many diseases, but going vegan requires special health considerations. Doing research beforehand ensures a person can find rich alternative sources of essential nutrients previously derived from animal products. Hair loss, dizziness, and fatigue are common symptoms of nutritional deficiencies in a vegan diet.

Understanding how deficiencies happen

Animal products are excellent sources of protein and other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, which is crucial for healthy blood cells and avoiding anemia. Research suggests that vegans have a higher risk of deficiencies in protein, selenium, zinc, and other nutrients. Supplements and fortified foods can help vegans cover common deficiencies.

How compounded multivitamins can help

A pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy can offer a personalized approach to nutritional deficiencies caused by missing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Compounding involves using base ingredients to create custom medicines, or multivitamins, in this case. A custom formula reduces side effects and allergies, provides the ideal dosage, and allows consumers to choose between different multivitamin forms, including gummies, liquids, and capsules.

Vitamin B12

A vegan diet can easily result in a vitamin B12 deficiency due to cutting out animal products. Vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause fatigue, constipation, sudden weight loss, appetite loss, and other symptoms. Even fortified vegan-friendly foods may not be enough. A B12 or B complex supplement can reduce the risk of deficiencies in a vegan diet.

Spotlight on zinc

Vegan-friendly sources of zinc include legumes, nuts, seeds, oats, and tofu. Zinc is an essential mineral that benefits the immune system, wound healing, inflammation, and more. When zinc levels are not high enough from a vegan diet, a compounding pharmacy can include the proper amount of zinc in a personalized multivitamin.

Get a nutrition boost with compounding

Doctors typically recommend supplements and multivitamins for people with a plant-based diet. A reliable compounding pharmacy can help develop a personalized supplement to reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies. Being vegan and healthy is more possible than ever.


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