Is Your Routine Still Working?

A healthy skincare routine is crucial to achieving glowing, clear skin. What happens when a method is no longer working? Sometimes lifestyle or seasonal changes warrant switching up usual skincare. Here are a few signs that a change might be helpful.

ReNue Rx Should I Change My Skincare Routine Lifestyle And Seasonal Changes

Are you buying into marketing hype?

Right now, facial oils are popular. However, some people’s pores don’t respond well to such heavy treatment. One sign that this is true is the sudden appearance of small bumps all over the complexion. These little comedones can pop up for seemingly no reason. Often, heavy facial oils or liquid makeup products are to blame.

You’re cleaning your skin for two

When a woman gets pregnant, the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can have an impact on the complexion. During pregnancy, women should stop using certain products, such as salicylic acid or retinol. At the same time, women may experience more or fewer breakouts than usual or some discoloration.

You’ve just celebrated a birthday

As people get older, skincare needs inevitably change. People of all ages should wear sunscreen every day. And in the 30s and 40s, people may have a desire for stronger anti-aging products, such as retinol or exfoliating serums. Additionally, caring for the skin on the neck becomes more crucial as collagen and elastin naturally start decreasing.

The seasons are changing

With a new season can come adjustments in temperature, wind, or humidity, all of which can impact the skin. During colder months, people may need to add more hydrating products into a daily routine. During the heat and humidity of summer, keep the oils to a minimum and use a lighter moisturizer. Summer is also a great time to minimize daily makeup, as heavy products can smear with sweat and cause clogged pores and breakouts.

You’re in a new city

Even in the same state, moving to a different city or changing a daily routine can affect the skin. Food choices, city water, and pollution levels can all call for a skincare change-up. Notice if complexion is breaking out more often or feeling drier than average and adjust accordingly.

Have you outgrown your routine?

Especially for people who have struggled with skin conditions like acne, changing up a skincare routine can be scary. But the same products won’t always be the most effective as people grow and lifestyle changes. Sometimes, people simply outgrow current routines and need to try new ones. To get a customized skincare plan, reach out to a dermatologist or pharmacist who performs compounding dermatology. Compounded products provide personalized treatment options to give patients the brightest, most glowing skin.


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