The Future Of Beauty

Estimated to grow to nearly $150 billion by 2030, personalized skincare may very well be the future of beauty. As the beauty scene becomes increasingly saturated, care solutions tailored to the individual break through the noise. Approximately 50% of individuals state that the ability to choose ingredients is a crucial benefit of customized skincare. From cutting-edge technology to improved genetic research, next-generation skincare can better provide unique beauty needs such as sensitivity and aging skin. Doctors prescribe and create products based on the individual patient’s skin biome using AI and computer modeling. By using personalized products, many people can proactively minimize the most visually impactful signs of aging and sun damage.

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Building a healthy biome

Skin can be categorized as dry, oily, or combination-type. However, identifying a skin subtype doesn’t address the concerns of many patients with chronic illnesses or complex needs. Patients must initially focus on creating a healthy skin biome to have healthy, clear skin. Initial research shows personalized products can help replace healthy bacteria stripped away throughout the day. Using probiotics, doctors can rebalance the microbiome, minimizing flare-ups for patients with chronic conditions such as acne and eczema.

What’s your damage?

The sun’s UV rays cause 80% of visible signs of aging. Sunscreen is necessary year-round to fully defend against the sun’s damaging effects. To minimize damage and limit the risk of skin cancer, sun protection is at the top of dermatologists’ priority lists. While no product can reverse the effects of aging, personalized products can help limit the visual impact. Depending on the patient and type of damage, a specialized formula better addresses issues, including hyperpigmentation or a compromised moisture barrier.

Skincare for the individual

In chronic skin disorders, customized skin care helps calm flare-ups and limit discomfort. To best provide for the needs of the individual, personalized products are necessary. From sun protection to aging skin, formulas created based on patient needs offer the highest quality of care.


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