Saying Bye-Bye To Old Scars

Whether that scar was earned on the playground, teenage acne, or some other reason, not every person wants a constant reminder of a snapshot in time. Scars can make people self-conscious, and in more severe cases, lead to a withdrawal from social situations where explaining how the scar came to be could be embarrassing. But dermatologists recommend using products with the following ingredients that are proven to help reduce the appearance of scars over time.

ReNue Rx 3 Dermatology Ingredients That Work Best For Reducing Scars

1. Silicone for raised scars

Even when some scars visibly fade, a raised area is left on the skin. Whether as an ointment or a sheet treatment, silicone gel has been used since 1982 to help reduce the size, hardness, and redness of a raised scar. More importantly, the treatment is especially useful immediately after surgery and can even help to prevent scars from developing. While available in multiple applications, experts agree that gel sheets tend to work better than silicone ointments since the sheets are thin and self-adhesive. However, people will often need to wear the sheets for extended periods, daily over many months.

2. Retinoids to remove texture

Just like with silicone gel, retinoid is a popular choice that’s frequently found in many cosmetic skincare products. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and are often touted as a solution for people that suffer from acne or hyperpigmentation. But for scar treatment, retinoids can be ideal for helping to remove texture. While retinoids are incredibly popular, people need to remember that the topical ingredient can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. So, usually, people are encouraged to invest in a good sunscreen when using products that contain retinoids.

3. Niacinamides to fade scar-related hyperpigmentation

One of the biggest pains of getting a scar is that the blemish can be significantly darker than the surrounding skin. As a result, hyperpigmentation calls more attention to imperfections that people might otherwise want to minimize. But niacinamide is ideal for treating a host of dermatological conditions. In particular, the derivative of vitamin B3 is ideal for helping to reduce the appearance of acne-related scarring and hyperpigmentation as a result of the skin condition. Experts believe the vitamin works because a direct side effect of taking the supplement is an increase in collagen production.

Speak to a dermatologist to treat old scars

While many products contain ingredients designed to help fade scars, people should speak with a dermatologist before purchasing and using products. Sometimes, topical ingredients can have an impact on prescription medications. And in some incidences, there can be contraindications that could cause a prescription medicine to work inefficiently or not at all. People wanting to minimize the appearance of visible scars is understandable. But for the best results, working with a licensed dermatologist is best.


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