An Unenjoyable Pregnancy Symptom

Most women who are or have been pregnant are familiar with the unforgettable symptom of nausea. For some women, nausea translates to vomiting, while for other women, nausea lasts all day. During pregnancy, nausea, also known as morning sickness, is incredibly common. But pregnant women are often limited in options for finding relief from the associated frustrations or aches and pains that come along with pregnancy. Know these few natural remedies that can work on eliminating nausea.

ReNue Rx What Can I Take For Nausea While Pregnant Natural Treatment Options

Try a bit of ginger

Since pregnant women are discouraged from taking medications unless absolutely necessary, consider trying a product that most people have in the pantry. Ginger is a product that’s well known for eliminating and reducing nausea, especially during pregnancy. While a consensus in the medical community hasn’t been reached about which form of ginger is best, many people swear by ginger candies and low-caffeine ginger tea.

Opt for peppermint

When it comes to ingesting items to alleviate pregnancy symptoms, care should be taken to ensure that anything being consumed is safe for both a pregnant woman and the fetus. Most experts will agree that pregnant women should not ingest essential oils, but as a form of aromatherapy, peppermint oil placed in a diffuser can help curb bouts of nausea. For women that don’t own a diffuser, carrying peppermint candy such as mints can help minimize nausea symptoms.

Consider dietary adjustments

Many women find that during pregnancy, favored foods can be a source of discomfort. In addition to heartburn, consuming spicy or greasy foods can encourage nausea. If nausea appears shortly after eating the previously mentioned foods, a pregnant woman should consider avoiding spicy or greasy foods.

Rethink portion sizes and meal times

Pregnancy increases progesterone levels in a woman’s body. Progesterone is a hormone that can slow down the speed of food moving through the digestive tract. As a result, slow-moving food can contribute to nausea. Rather than eating large meals that can leave a woman feeling too full, opt for smaller meals regularly throughout the day. Being too full or having an empty stomach can contribute to nausea.

Keep saltines close by

Most people are aware of the concept of eating saltine crackers to curb nausea. Especially if a woman experiences nausea or morning sickness first thing in the morning, keep some saltines on the bedside table.

Stay hydrated

For some people, nausea can be so intense that even keeping water down is difficult. If a woman’s nausea is mild, try to stay hydrated to help minimize the feeling. But for women who can’t keep water down, opt for frozen popsicles made with natural fruit juice instead.

Keeping pregnancy-related nausea at bay

Nausea is a common pregnancy symptom. Some women are lucky enough only to endure the symptom during the first trimester. Other women struggle with nausea throughout the pregnancy. Whichever category applies, learning how to manage the symptom with natural remedies can help reduce incidences of nausea and make pregnancy more enjoyable. For more information, speak with an OB/GYN or healthcare provider.


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