Are Supplements A Magical Solution?

With a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy BMI is possible. Maintaining a healthy weight is ideal, but the goal of millions of Americans is to lose weight. Yet, with busy schedules, sedentary work, and pre-existing conditions, weight loss can be tricky. As a result, many turn to alternatives like diet pills, vitamins, and supplements with hopeful eyes.

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Do these pills help or hurt weight loss?

Vitamins, minerals and their role in weight

There are 13 essential vitamins the body needs to heal and grow. Some of these are directly involved in the body’s ability to process food. A healthy metabolism ensures that the body uses these nutrients for energy. Others promote stronger bones, muscles, cell growth, or optimize oxygen use. Remember, supplements can’t replicate all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Boost metabolism with B vitamins

The 8 B vitamins have long been thought of for assisting most of the body’s functions. B12, for instance, helps with metabolism and turning food into energy. The other B vitamins combine to help with blood cell production, nervous system health, brain health, and even muscle support. These functions can help active people burn more calories, which can impact weight. Studies show that B12 levels are significantly lower in people with obesity and diabetes.

What about calcium?

Calcium has a reputation for strong bones and teeth. Some studies have seen a relationship between calcium and weight loss. A healthy calcium supply also helps with managing blood pressure, cholesterol, and muscle contraction. The muscle contraction is particularly helpful during exercise, promoting increased growth. Several studies show that a combination of calcium and vitamin D helps with body composition and weight management.

Vitamin D may help

Vitamin D is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin. The body creates vitamin D through exposure to the sun, though many foods are fortified as well. Vitamin D is vital for healthy skin and a healthy immune system. The vitamin also helps the body absorb calcium and magnesium while helping with cell growth. Studies show some vitamin D supplementation is believed to have a direct impact on BMI.

Do they hurt or help weight loss?

Weight loss isn’t as easy as taking a supplement and relaxing all day. These vitamins and supplements do not impact what’s on someone’s plate or activity levels. A caloric deficit is the only way to lose weight. A healthy diet and exercise over a long period are the best solutions to weight loss and longevity. These vitamins and supplements support and maximize the body’s processes, making weight loss easier. Consult with a doctor for a multivitamin with B, D, calcium, and others to support weight loss.


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