Why We Need Vision Support Now More Than Ever

Eye health is an important but often overlooked issue impacting children and adults today. Most people ignore deteriorating eye health until the problem becomes severe. Statistics estimate that by age 65, a third of American adults will develop some form of degenerative eye disease. The risk is increasing rapidly and occurring sooner due to long hours in front of screens and poor eye health habits. The need for vision support is critical for future vision function. While there are many useful options, specific vitamins and minerals can supply the body with the necessary tools to fight declining vision.


Should you consider a supplement?

Dietary supplements alone will not prevent or reverse already damaged eyesight. Doctors recommend any individual with vision concerns take steps to protect the eyes, especially with age. A healthy diet, avoiding direct sunlight exposure, and performing regular checks can help. Studies also show that smoking contributes to declining vision, so quitting can bring tremendous value. Supplements like lutein, zinc, and vitamin C may provide additional support. If there is a family history of poor vision or sudden degenerative symptoms, adding a combination of these supplements can help.

Include a lutein boost

Looking for the best supplement for eye protection? Lutein is a carotenoid found in the human eye, particularly in the macula, the part responsible for central vision. Scientists have discovered that lutein acts as a natural sunscreen, filtering harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays known to accelerate vision damage. Lutein also filters blue light, commonly emitted from most digital devices. A balanced diet with whole foods such as eggs, spinach, kale, and peppers is often enough to meet the daily recommended intake of lutein. Yet, due to current dietary choices, this may be challenging for some individuals. Studies show that adding lutein to the diet via supplementation can help reduce age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

Zinc and your vision

Known to help with metabolism, immune health, and hormone function, zinc is an essential mineral that can also aid in vision support. Zinc helps support the retina, protecting the eye against oxidative stress. The eyes also require melanin for protection from UV rays. Zinc facilitates the transport of vitamin A to the eyes to produce the necessary melanin. There is an argument to be made that zinc deficiencies can lead to vision problems, such as AMD, inflammation, and night blindness.

Antioxidants from vitamin C

What about vitamin C? Most literature on this essential vitamin relates to immune health, oxidative stress, and protection from colds. However, vitamin C can also help with managing eye health. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C extend to the eyes. Vitamin C may help slow the formation of cataracts and other conditions like AMD. While most people are not vitamin C deficient, a supplement provides the means to prevent free radicals, especially when combined with other vitamins and minerals.

Try vision-boosting supplements today

Many people believe that declining eye health is a natural part of aging. There are some genetic factors for vision conditions. However, most people can have healthy eyes for decades. The right eye care can reduce the risk of vision-related conditions. Adequate rest, a nutritious diet, and positive vision habits are essential. Adding supplements like lutein, zinc, and vitamin C can take eye health to the next level. Consider a pharmacist-recommended multivitamin, combining the most bioavailable versions of these supplements for optimal health.


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