More Than Copper Wire

A great electrical conductor, copper is found inside most electronics and wiring. However, at the core, copper is a mineral that serves as the building blocks of health. As research accumulates, copper has become a promising candidate for enhanced health and wellness through supplementation.


An essential mineral

Copper is a trace mineral within the human body that is often overlooked. Yet, copper’s significance is far from tiny. The mineral orchestrates various physiological processes that showcase fantastic indispensability. Beyond copper’s elemental role, the mineral works through several enzymatic functions. Notably, copper participates in the catalytic centers of numerous enzymes to ensure proper functionality. From energy production to antioxidant defense, copper’s benefits are endless.

Enhanced stability

Collagen, the structural protein forming connective tissues, owes integrity to copper. The union between copper and enzymes like lysyl oxidase reinforces collagen’s stability. This step supports a person’s skin, bones, and blood vessels. Copper’s interaction with procollagen molecules is pivotal, helping the enzymes mold procollagen into mature collagen fibrils. Copper can help with the long-term potency of collagen.

Copper’s antioxidant defense

Mitochondria, the powerhouses of human cells, often generate free radicals as a byproduct of energy production. Copper acts as a guardian to aid in mitochondrial respiration and prevents the havoc that free radicals can wreak. Copper-zinc superoxide Dismutase (CuZnSOD), a copper-containing enzyme, is a potent antioxidant defense mechanism. Disarming superoxide radicals helps reduce oxidative stress, contributing to cellular longevity and vitality.

Copper and cognitive health

Most neurotransmitters rely on copper for smooth communication between neurons. Copper’s involvement in myelin formation further cements the role of preserving cognitive function and neural transmission. Emerging research suggests copper may play an important role in neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Balancing copper levels is a pivotal strategy in managing and preventing such conditions.

Unraveling the consequences of deficiency

Copper deficiency may not exhibit symptoms or can sometimes mimic other ailments. Fatigue, paleness, and brittle bones can all be traced back to copper insufficiency. A compromised immune system can be another unwelcome consequence of copper deficiency. This mineral’s involvement in immune cell maturation and function underscores the role in safeguarding a person’s health against pathogens. A delicate balance must be maintained to achieve the mineral’s benefit. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is a guiding light to ensure optimal intake without tipping the scale toward toxicity. As with any supplement, some caution is warranted. High doses of copper can lead to adverse effects. Also, interactions with other minerals and medications may alter the overall effects. Consulting a healthcare professional is essential before starting any new supplement routine.

Copper’s function in holistic health and wellness

More and more data support copper as a noteworthy player in the intricate health and wellness web. The mineral has multi-faceted contributions, from enzymatic functions to collagen synthesis. Understanding copper’s role is critical to unlocking the door to optimal health and wellness.


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