Timing Supplement Intake Correctly

Many people turn to supplements or vitamins to round out dietary needs. Whether daily food choices create nutritional gaps or additional nutrients are needed to bolster overall health, a trip down the vitamin aisle is a common occurrence. However, not all individuals know that some supplements should only be taken at certain times, with certain foods, or separate from prescription medications. Before popping a pill, be sure the vitamin being consumed is safe to take at night.


Avoiding evening supplementation

Various reasons can exist for why a physician or pharmacist would caution a person from taking supplements at specific times. Some vitamins might interfere with prescription medications, so in some situations, if an evening prescription is in place, a supplement may be better suited for morning ingestion. Another reason for nighttime restrictions is insomnia. In short, some vitamins or supplements might make sleep difficult and disrupt an individual’s circadian rhythm. Still, others are best taken on an empty stomach. Consider shifting dosage times for the following vitamins.

1. Vitamin D

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D has been shown to boost immunity, support collagen production, and aid the body in absorbing calcium. However, research suggests that if supplemental vitamin D is taken too close to bedtime, problems may ensue. The reason is that vitamin D has an opposite rhythm to melatonin, the hormone responsible for naturally regulating sleep cycles. Some studies have found that taking vitamin D in the evening can cause melatonin production to be suppressed. The result is that a person might struggle to fall asleep. Instead, consider taking the essential nutrient supplement in the morning. A daytime approach can also help with effectiveness since sunlight is needed to synthesize the vitamin.

2. B complex vitamins

Multiple B vitamins offer benefits that range from boosting hair, skin, and nail health to aiding in critical bodily functions. However, some research points to adverse connections between nighttime consumption and sleep quality. Many B vitamins are known for boosting energy. While such an effect is ideal during the day, a burst of energy is not ideal for a person trying to fall asleep. Additionally, since B vitamins are primarily water soluble, people are encouraged to take the supplements on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. By doing so, the body can absorb the nutrients more efficiently.

3. Multivitamins

Since multivitamins contain a wide range of essential nutrients, a person can bolster overall health with a single pill. Although the data is limited, the available research suggests that the morning is a better time to take a multivitamin. Many vitamins within a multivitamin are fat-soluble, which means the products should be consumed with food that has some fat content to improve nutritional absorption. Many people also find that the morning is an easier time to remember to take multivitamins consistently.

Timing matters

Although taking a vitamin at night is unlikely to have a harmful effect, a daytime approach is ideal for maximum effectiveness. To avoid sleepless nights and ensure the body absorbs as many nutrients as possible, consider taking the supplement in the morning. Getting in a good morning habit of supplement taking can do wonders for overall health.


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