Supplementing For Better Mental Health

Most people know that physical health is often directly influenced by the foods a person consumes. Meanwhile, science is finally acknowledging that there’s a mind-body link. The connection means that physical health can have an impact on mental well-being. Conversely, mental health can also dictate how the body operates, whether a person experiences frequent sicknesses or struggles to recover from otherwise minor illnesses. As a result, prioritizing healthy nutritional choices predicts health outcomes and mental wellness. Consider the following supplements to boost mood and overall well-being.


Omega-3 fatty acids

Traditionally, omega-3 fatty acids are a building block most closely linked with heart health. The nutrient is abundant in oily fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel. However, research suggests that along with persevering cardiovascular wellness, the powerhouse supplement can also aid in improving mood, specifically for individuals diagnosed with depression.

Vitamin D

Casually referred to as the sunshine vitamin, sufficient levels of vitamin D have been linked with everything from improving immunity to boosting collagen formation in the skin. Preliminary research also suggests that people struggling with depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) might also benefit from consuming vitamin D in supplemental form.

St John’s wort

Individuals who struggle with anxiety or a sleep disorder might benefit from consuming St John’s wort. The natural herb has been used medicinally for centuries. To this day, the supplement continues to provide relief in various formats to regulate mood, especially in women who are struggling with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or are perimenopausal. St John’s wort can be consumed in pill or liquid form.


Found naturally in the body, dopamine is a chemical responsible for regulating mood, memory, cognition, attention, learning, and motivation. Additionally, the component controls sleep regulation and decision-making. In some people, dopamine levels are low. This chemical imbalance means that mood is affected, manifesting as apathy or low motivation. Dopamine supplements can help these individuals combat low moods and be more present.

Vitamin B12

The B complex vitamins are essential for the body to function properly. Various forms of B vitamins influence everything from a person’s hair, skin, and nails to protein synthesis. Vitamin B12 is the most well-studied for mental health and has been shown to help regulate mood. Some individuals have found success controlling anxiety by supplementing with B12 consistently.

Take control of mood

A variety of supplements promising to improve mood exist. While many people can experience significant relief from a natural product, always consult a physician before incorporating a supplement into a daily routine. The right vitamins and nutrients can adequately support mental health, boosting mood without the need for prescription medication.


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