How To Stay In Fat-Burning Mode

Whether for long-term health or to slim down for the summer, weight loss is a common goal for millions of Americans. Of course, a caloric deficit is necessary to achieve any weight loss goal, but even then, the body must be in a fat-burning mode to lose the extra pounds. A helpful way to lose weight is to have a revved-up metabolism that will keep burning fat even at rest. While some people have a naturally high metabolism, others can benefit from natural supplements.


Burn fat faster

Metabolism is a word that’s constantly used in dietary and fat loss spaces, especially among health and fitness experts. The higher the metabolism, the better for fat-burning. The body’s metabolism is a general term for all the chemical reactions in the body’s cells at any given time. These chemical reactions number in the hundreds and are responsible for keeping the body functioning correctly. An important function is the conversion of food and drink into energy. The metabolism is always at work, especially the basal metabolic rate (BMR) when the body is at rest. A high metabolism can significantly increase weight loss.

High vs low metabolism

If the body’s metabolism is performing optimally, food is converted to energy faster. This increased energy expenditure leads to a higher calorie burn. Weight loss is more likely when an individual with a high metabolic rate also has a healthy diet. A lower, slower metabolism has the opposite effect. The body stores excess fat to use when the metabolism improves. Age, genetics, physical activity levels, and diet affect optimal metabolism. However, there are 3 natural supplements that may help rev up metabolism, keeping the body in fat-burning mode.

1. Try caffeine

Drinking a cup of coffee can boost energy in the morning. However, the caffeine in coffee may also contribute to continuous fat-burning. Caffeine helps with fat oxidation, mobilizing fat to be used as energy. Studies have shown caffeine can slightly increase BMR. Caffeine supplements are also popular among the fitness community because of the stimulant potential. Some substances in caffeine make the user feel more energized, increasing calorie burn during exercise.

2. Boost fat loss with green tea

Like coffee, green tea has been around for hundreds of years and has many benefits. This plant extract contains high levels of caffeine and other beneficial compounds like catechins. These catechins are antioxidants that increase thermogenesis, the process of creating heat to burn calories. Green tea extract is a supplement that takes a concentrated amount of the plant to help boost metabolism. In concentrated doses, green tea can block enzymes that prevent fat breakdown and thermogenesis. There is also caffeine in green tea extract. Though less than coffee, the stimulant benefits are still there.

3. Get spicy

Capsaicin is the compound found in chili peppers responsible for the hot sensation when eaten. The supplement industry has discovered that this active ingredient also positively affects metabolism. When consumed, capsaicin activates special receptors to help burn more fat and speed up metabolism. Capsaicin may also lower appetite, but this can vary in people with a high tolerance for spicy foods. This supplement comes in pill form but may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort.

Fast metabolism, faster weight loss

Achieving and maintaining a high metabolism is vital to sustaining fat-burning. This process, in turn, will help with long-term fat loss. Natural supplements can improve thermogenesis or fat oxidation, improving metabolism. For a personalized approach to weight loss, a compound pharmacy can help by creating a custom supplement with the necessary ingredients to increase metabolism and fat loss.


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