Choosing The Right Supplement Matters

A supplement does not replace a healthy diet but can add a much-needed boost to the body. With changing food sources, harsh environments, stress, and poor food choices, supplements are needed now more than ever. The hardest part is not taking supplements but choosing from the thousands of options available. What’s real and what’s fake? Anyone who’s confused can turn to pharmacy consultations to determine the best for overall health.

ReNue Rx Pharmacy Consultations How To Choose The Right Supplements

The purpose of supplements

About 1 in 2 Americans take at least one dietary supplement, and 1 in 3 take multivitamins. With half the country believing in supplements, there must be some benefits. Supplements help to fill some common deficiencies missing in the diet. For example, people with pre-existing conditions may lose excess vitamins or minerals and would need a supplement. Supplements also help hair, skin, nails, boost immune systems, and even have emotional benefits. Choosing the right one is the best way to achieve these benefits.

Things to look for in your supplements

With the thousands of supplements on the market, finding the best, safest one can be challenging. There is also the fact that the FDA does not regulate or verify supplements. That means most supplements on the market contain fillers and other ingredients that have no health benefits. The best supplements on the market are third-party tested and will have similar labels. Look for respected brands with supplements that have as many natural ingredients as possible. Finally, before pulling the trigger, read as many reviews as possible.

How a pharmacist consultation can help

Finding the best supplement on the market may need expert help. A pharmacist consultation can help. The talk can first reveal if a supplement is even necessary. If a supplement helps, the pharmacist can recommend the most potent ones on the market. As much as there are benefits, supplements carry risks as well. Dangerous interactions with other drugs and side effects are common examples. There’s also the chance of overdosing. The pharmacist can recommend the right supplement at the correct dosage based on the individual’s needs.

What about making your own?

What if someone needs multiple vitamins or minerals? A multivitamin can work, but most contain too much or insufficient quantities of what’s required. Others have unnecessary fillers that can cause side effects. With compounding, there is a way to craft a supplement specific to the user. A compounding pharmacist takes the proper dosage of vitamins and minerals to create an easy-to-use supplement. This process is beneficial for patients with multiple medications and allergies.

Consulting a pharmacist can make a difference

Choosing the supplement should go beyond grabbing the first one on the shelf. The wrong choice may have the opposite effect on health and wellness. The proper research, reviews, and brand recognition helps. However, having a trusted pharmacist available is the real game-changer. The pharmacist has the tools and expertise to recommend the right supplements. If the right ones aren’t available, some can even create custom supplements. Some extra time choosing the right supplement goes a long way.


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