Male Fertility Is Just As Impactful As Female Fertility

The conversation about male fertility is hardly brought up when compared to women. Statistics show, however, that men are just as likely to be infertile as women. So for men and couples looking to start a family, reproductive health is critical. Anyone trying to get pregnant naturally without success for 6-12 months may be infertile. This is a sign to see a fertility specialist, who will look at sperm count, one of the essential markers in male-factor infertility.

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Knowing the numbers

A semen analysis will help determine sperm count, as well as other markers. A healthy sperm count increases the chances of a healthy sperm reaching the egg during conception. A normal sperm marker ranges from 15 million sperm to 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Some men can father children with a lower than normal sperm count. However, finding ways to increase the number significantly improves the chances of conceiving.

Exercise helps with sperm production

Getting in a good workout has a host of benefits, including brain health, weight loss, and the prevention of diseases. Research has shown that exercise can also help with sperm production. By increasing testosterone, exercise can also help with sperm count. A combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training may improve sperm quality. The resulting weight loss is also an added boost to fertility. Be careful. Overtraining may have the opposite effect. Make sure to consult a doctor before trying any new physical activity or exercise routine.

Increase your vitamins

Vitamin D is vital for several different processes in the body. The sunshine vitamin helps with immune health, bone health, and even weight loss. Surprisingly, vitamin D may help improve sperm count and quality. Studies show a relationship between enhanced testosterone levels, sperm quality, and vitamin D levels. As little as 20 minutes of sunlight exposure is enough to create the daily recommended intake. Why not kill two birds with one stone and go for a jog when the sun’s out?

Kick the smoking habit

The dangers of smoking are well documented, and these dangers run all the way to sperm count. Men who smoked had almost 20% fewer sperm concentrations than non-smokers. Smoking also damages sperm, decreasing the chances of conceiving. Reducing or quitting altogether is a natural way to improve sperm count. If quitting is an issue, speak with a doctor or specialist who can help.

Release the stress

The challenges of work and home can be stressful. So can the struggles to get pregnant. Unfortunately, stress could be the reason behind sperm count issues. Stress increases cortisol and oxidative stress, which can impact testosterone levels. Some scientists believe the changes can affect sperm concentration and quality. While there is a stress gap between men and women, men are less likely to admit that stress is an issue. Simple stress relief techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can help.

Other vitamins, minerals, and herbs that may help

Several supplements can help with sperm count. For instance, zinc is critical for semen production and is even present in seminal fluid. Low zinc levels can negatively impact sperm count. Vitamin C may also improve sperm concentration by reducing oxidative stress. Many of these vitamins and minerals are present in antioxidant-rich foods. Other natural supplements like Ashwagandha, fenugreek, and maca root have been known to improve sperm count. Speak with a doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement to avoid dangerous combinations.

Give your sperm the boost it deserves

Men must take fertility and reproductive health seriously, especially if family planning is in the near future. These simple changes, when done consistently, can improve sperm health. Don’t be ashamed of reproductive health. Make sure to see a specialist as soon as possible. Besides sperm count, the doctor can perform a range of different tests to find the reason behind infertility. Then, with these natural steps and changes, the chances of conceiving rise exponentially.


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