Natural Approach To Sickness

Sneezing, coughing, running nose, fever, and body aches are never fun. When a cold or flu strikes, most people want to find a way to get some relief quickly. Although prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications are available, some individuals want to take a more natural approach to treating the sickness. Honey, elderberry, echinacea, and vitamin C are all items worth asking the pharmacist about to get back to good health sooner rather than later.


Honey for sweet relief

Although many people have a jar of honey in the kitchen cabinet, this ingredient can also be found in many OTC natural products. Known to soothe the throat and minimize coughing, this is a great antibacterial ingredient to grab when a cold or flu strikes. For adults and children alike, the sweet taste of honey can make natural medicine much more appealing. Add to a hot cup of water or take by a spoonful, but note that babies under 12 months should avoid this product.

Elderberry the antioxidant

The hot new herbal on the block is elderberry, a powerful antioxidant. Although evidence is limited, this herbal product has been purported to fight off the flu and reduce symptoms from the flu and the common cold. A recent study compared airline passengers taking an elderberry supplement with passengers taking a placebo and found that people not taking the supplement had longer and more symptomatic colds following travel. Other studies have shown that elderberry’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can shorten flu duration.

Extra vitamin C

Although this powerhouse vitamin can’t prevent the cold, extra doses during an illness can shorten the duration of cold symptoms. Vitamin C can be found in foods like citrus fruit, tomatoes, and bell peppers, but supplements can offer a higher dose. Look for packets of vitamin C that can be dissolved in water for a double benefit of vitamins and hydration.

Try echinacea

Studies are mixed, but some people with cold or flu can benefit from echinacea. The herbal product has been purported to increase the number of white blood cells in the body, which can help fight infection. Other studies have shown positive effects on the duration of illness and symptoms when echinacea is taken. As with all herbals, always double-check with a pharmacist or healthcare provider before taking the supplement.

Eliminate symptoms fast

When sickness strikes, prescription medications don’t have to be the go-to. Individuals looking for a more natural approach to treating symptoms can benefit from honey, elderberry, vitamin C, and echinacea. People should also make sure to get plenty of rest, eat a nutritious diet, and hydrate properly. Don’t let a runny nose slow down the day with effective natural treatment.


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