Don’t Suffer With Low Libido

Also known as a sex drive, each individual has a different level of desire. While some people might prefer to have more sex, other men and women could opt for less sexual activity. Other times, a person wants to have sex but experiences performance issues. To improve libido, natural remedies that boost desire might help boost sex drive again.

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1. Upgrade to ashwagandha

A popular herb associated with various benefits, ashwagandha is thought to improve focus and boost energy. Some studies have also found an early link between supplementing with ashwagandha and enhanced male libido. Research suggests that because ashwagandha helps to balance mood, a clearer or less stressed mind will translate to better experiences in the bedroom.

2. Consider maca

Another great way to boost libido is with a maca supplement. The herbal ingredient has an ancient history associated with serving as an aphrodisiac. Some claims even state that the potent plant can improve semen quality, making the case that the supplement might be a smart option for couples trying to conceive.

3. Add ginkgo biloba

Most people are familiar with ginkgo biloba for aiding in mental acuity and even improving mood. The natural herb is a cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and can also treat low libido and other causes contributing to sexual dysfunction. Studies have shown that taking a ginkgo biloba supplement can be especially beneficial for individuals on antidepressant medications. Similar to the other supplements in this list, the ancient herb improves blood flow by relaxing blood vessels. However, some caution is recommended as the supplement can also act as a blood thinner and may not be safe for all people to consume.

4. What about fenugreek?

Like ginkgo biloba, fenugreek is another ancient herb frequently featured in Ayurvedic medicines. The plant supports anti-inflammatory purposes and is also hailed as a libido-boosting solution. Unlike the other supplements listed above, fenugreek is known to contain compounds that support the production of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

Diet over supplements

In most cases, people will find that physicians and dieticians will almost always encourage an individual to boost health through diet over supplements. With herbal supplements, people risk ingesting too much of a nutrient or herb, leading to potential complications. When possible, look for natural ways to add the above herbs into a regular diet, such as the occasional cup of maca tea, to boost libido safely.


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