Liver: Bad Taste, Many Benefits

Once considered a delicacy, liver has been found to be a healthy and nutritionally dense food. The liver filters toxins while storing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Consuming liver means directly consuming the nutrients stored in the animal instead of what is passed onto other cuts of meat. So why aren’t organ meats like liver part of the standard diet? For starters, many people do not like the taste of liver. The idea of eating liver can also be off-putting. The solution? A daily liver supplement consumed in pill form. Here are 4 fantastic benefits of a daily liver supplement.


1. Highly potent nutrients

A supplement provides all the nutrients in liver, like vitamins A, B, E, B12, iron, copper, and zinc. Liver also contains hard-to-obtain nutrients like choline, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and peptides. The best supplements are grass-fed, meaning the animal consumes a grass-only diet, ensuring maximum nutrient availability. Grass-fed liver supplements are also flash-frozen raw, meaning the user gets complete bioavailability. While eating liver is beneficial, this organ meat must be cooked, increasing the risk of contamination and removing many essential vitamins and minerals. A supplement provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals with minimal risk.

2. More energy and vitality

Most people who use grass-fed liver supplements consistently notice a significant improvement in energy and vitality. Liver contains high levels of vitamin B12 and iron, which help blood flow and converts food to energy. Studies show that increasing iron levels can improve fatigue and mood as more oxygen is transported in the bloodstream. The high B-12 content is also great for energy, especially in active people or athletes.

2. Get an immune boost

A healthy immune system determines how effectively the body fights viruses and even some diseases. Liver has an extremely high protein content compared to other muscle meats. Proteins are made up of amino acids, which also play a crucial role in immune health. The liver also contains arginine and glutamine, amino acids supporting the immune system. Add in vitamins B-12, D, E, and choline, and a liver supplement becomes a great way to improve immune health.

4. Skip the taste and accessibility

A bad taste is the biggest drawback of consuming liver as a food product. Many people find the idea and taste of liver off-putting, even when cooked well. A supplement allows the user to swallow a small serving in pill form. The supplement is usually flash-frozen and broken down into pill form, removing the unpleasant taste. Grass-fed liver can also be hard to source. A supplement increases the access and availability of liver, saving time and money.

Quality matters

Liver is a nutrient-rich food that offers many health benefits, but consuming liver as a food can be off-putting. A supplement allows people who hate the taste to easily get all the benefits of liver consumption. Speak with a pharmacist for recommendations on the best bioavailable liver supplements available.


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