Boosting Heart Health Naturally

Most people would say that good heart health centers around not smoking, avoiding foods rich in fat, and getting plenty of exercise. While all of this is true, some nutrients can also aid in improving cardiovascular health. Whether trying to reduce blood pressure (BP) or watching salt consumption, prioritizing a balanced diet and possibly even supplementing with certain vitamins can help.


Cardiovascular disease explained

Various conditions can impact a person’s circulatory or cardiovascular system. All potential ailments can be loosely categorized under the cardiovascular disease label. More acute conditions like heart attacks, strokes, arrhythmia, and heart failure all qualify. Although other cardiovascular diagnoses like hypertension aren’t directly considered cardiovascular diseases, the impact such chronic issues can have are contributing factors.

Vitamin C and heart health

Most people think of vitamin C as a vitamin that’s essential for immunity or used for collagen production for individuals interested in skincare. However, the critical building block supports a wide array of bodily functions, including heart health. Some studies even suggest that low vitamin C levels could be to blame for people that struggle with heart disease.

Antioxidant benefits

Vitamin C has long been known as an antioxidant, so the link with improved immunity is well-researched. However, other research suggests that along with safeguarding the body’s cells from free radicals, the must-have molecule is essential for improving blood antioxidant levels. As a result, the body is better able to naturally fight inflammation, an underlying contributing symptom to many chronic coronary issues. Additionally, vitamin C is linked with potentially managing high BP, a leading chronic disease that often precedes more fatal heart conditions.

Is vitamin C enough?

Plenty of research supports the idea that vitamin C is a beneficial supplement that can aid the body. Most people know that the nutrient is necessary for supporting bone health, boosting immunity, and helping keep the heart and cardiovascular system healthy. However, simply popping a daily supplement isn’t enough. People concerned about cardiovascular disease should still prioritize a healthy diet low in fatty red meats and salts and higher in fiber-rich foods. Likewise, common vices like smoking and excessive drinking should be avoided. Getting plenty of exercise helps too.

Prioritize the heart

Considering the heart is a critical organ responsible for shunting blood and nutrients throughout the body, prioritizing cardiovascular health is essential for all people. Rather than guessing, individuals are encouraged to speak with a physician to get a customized understanding of current heart health and personalized tips to improve outcomes.


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