The Rise And Rise Of Supplements

Nutrient-dense food has always been regarded as one of the keys to a healthier life. Yet, thanks to processed foods and lifestyle choices, the average American lacks a proper diet. This deficiency brought a rise in supplements to make up for missing vitamins and minerals. About 86% of Americans use at least one. Supplements can sound like a magic pill but can these drugs make up for the lack of nutrients in a bad diet?

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Understanding supplements

Supplements give a nutritional boost to the user and consist of herbs, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins. These can come in multiple forms, including powders, pills, liquids, and capsules. Nutrition is essential not just for energy. The body needs roughly 40 different vitamins and minerals to create new cells. These cells keep organs healthy and help develop new skin, muscles, and bones. The required vitamins and minerals vary based on weight, illness, and lifestyle. If the proper amounts cannot be achieved, supplements fill the gaps that eating can not.

Why do supplements work with nutrition?

Many US citizens have or develop nutritional deficiencies for many reasons. Some have dietary restrictions like lactose intolerance or gluten allergies. Others need supplements due to diseases, like anemia, which needs iron to reduce symptoms. Age is another factor. The older people get, the fewer nutrients are absorbed. Lastly, women, especially those going through menopause, pregnant or lactating, require high nutrients due to the drastic changes. Supplements and proper nutrients from whole foods work hand-in-hand for better health and wellness.

How a pharmacist or doctor can help

A poor diet plus a supplement cannot make up for nutritional deficiencies. Over time, these deficiencies can lead to more severe conditions. Whatever the reason supplementing should come at the recommendation of a doctor, dietician, or pharmacist. These medical professionals can first run tests to assess vitamin deficiencies. From there, the patient receives recommendations on the best nutrition and supplements for the best health and wellness. Pharmacists can also create a custom formula or multivitamin to provide the right amounts needed for individual needs.

The icing on the cake

Trying to out-supplement a poor diet is unhealthy and unwise. These artificial substances cannot make up for whole food. Whole foods contain high concentrations of vitamins that are quickly processed and absorbed. Food also contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that help with healing and inflammation. Supplements should be the icing on the cake. Anyone with concerns can first look at dietary changes before adding supplements.


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