Keep Cholesterol Low Naturally

In the US, high cholesterol is incredibly common. Recent statistics suggest that 2 in 5 American adults have the condition. The figure is worrying as high cholesterol increases a person’s risk of developing stroke and heart disease, 2 of the primary causes of death in the country. Along with prescription medication, many people seek natural ways to lower cholesterol. For some individuals, specific vitamins might be the solution.


What is high cholesterol?

The body needs cholesterol, a waxy substance found in the blood, to build cells. In small amounts, the material isn’t dangerous, but in excess, the wax can be dangerous and increase a person’s risk of suffering from heart disease. As more material is present in the blood vessels, deposits build up, creating blockages in the arteries. In some cases, the deposits can restrict blood flow. Another concern is that a piece of the deposit can break off and potentially cause a blockage. When such an event occurs, a person can suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

Causes of high cholesterol

Genetics and a family history of high cholesterol can greatly influence whether an individual is likely to also have the condition. Not getting enough exercise, being obese, and consuming a diet high in cholesterol, saturated fats, and trans fats are also major contributing factors. People with comorbidities and other chronic conditions, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism, are also at risk of high cholesterol.

The case for pantothenic acid

Vitamin B5 is a B complex vitamin that is critical for many bodily functions. Also known as pantothenic acid, the component is naturally found in many foods, offered as a supplement, and also incorporated to fortify other consumables. Vitamin B5 can be used to create coenzyme A (CoA), a chemical that aids in breaking down fatty acids and supports multiple metabolic functions. In particular, individuals with excessive levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol might consider the vitamin because of the nutrient’s ability to break down fats in the blood. However, research does that to be effective, vitamin B5 should be taken in conjunction with a heart-healthy diet.

Sources of B5

Vitamin B5 can be found naturally in foods or taken as a supplement. Excellent sources of B5 include beef, organ meats like liver, chicken, fortified cereals, and certain vegetables. Other options include avocados, dairy milk, yogurt, eggs, oats, and brown rice. A daily vitamin can also help people meet vitamin B5 needs.

Achieve optimal results

Working to lower high cholesterol is an ongoing process. While evidence suggests that vitamin B5 effectively reduces cholesterol deposits in the blood, a holistic approach is best. Whether taking a supplement or adjusting a daily diet, don’t forget to incorporate exercise and routine checkups to ensure that cholesterol levels are under control. If overweight or obese, work to get down to a healthier body mass index (BMI), avoid smoking, and steer clear of excessive drinking.


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