Make No Bones About Osteoporosis Risks

Most aging adults have heard of osteoporosis, which affects over 10 million Americans. Osteoporosis is a loss of bone density. The bones become brittle and porous, resembling a honeycomb when placed under a microscope. Bone is constantly breaking down and rebuilding, especially as young adults. From age 30, however, the process slows down, and by 40, the body loses bone mass. Osteoporosis poses a health risk as there is an increased chance of fractures from minor falls or stresses. Doctors recommend a focus on building better bones as early as possible, with supplements being an easy way to do so.


Why do healthy bones matter as we age?

Strong bones are the foundation of a strong body. Bones protect organs, help with movement, and reduce the risk of serious injury from falls. However, osteoporosis increases the risk of fractures and can even cause bone breaks in more severe cases. As osteoporosis primarily happens in older adults, there are several unpleasant consequences, including chronic pain, disability, slow healing, and high medical costs. Repeated fractures or fractures of major joints can also lead to long-term disability and a reduced lifespan. By taking steps to reduce bone loss, like supplementation, older adults are more likely to maintain independence, enjoy social activities, and live longer and healthier lives.

Trust in vitamin D

An essential vitamin for bone health is vitamin D, an important hormone created by the body absorbing the sun’s rays. The skin synthesizes the energy with cholesterol and other compounds. Vitamin D is then used for several processes in the body, including the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are essential for building bones. Vitamin D deficiencies are on the rise, and without this key nutrient, bone loss is more likely. Older adults who get little sunlight can benefit from a supplement.

Add in vitamin K2

Over time, doctors discovered that vitamin K also plays a vital role in building better bones. Vitamin K primarily comes in K1 and K2 forms. Vitamin K2, in particular, increases the proteins that create bone mass and strength. This vitamin also works in combination with vitamin D for optimal absorption of minerals. Studies show that sufficient vitamin K levels also help with bone metabolism.

Essential bone-building minerals

While vitamins D and K help absorb minerals, there must also be a healthy supply of minerals. Bones are primarily made up of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Calcium and magnesium help with bone strength and density. These minerals are present in food, but many people are still deficient. A supplement or multivitamin ensures those with brittle bones get the daily recommended supply.

Count on collagen

There’s a good reason collagen supplements continue to increase in popularity. The body’s ligaments, connective tissue, skin, and bone all contain collagen. This protein strengthens bones and muscles and protects vital organs. Like bone mass, collagen production declines with age. This drop in protein production may also contribute to decreased bone mass with age. Collagen peptide supplements now come in pill and a digestible powdered form. The supplement helps with bone health, maintaining muscle mass, and skin elasticity.

Better supplements, stronger bones

With age, some bone loss is expected. However, genetics, poor diet, and a lack of exercise all contribute to accelerated loss of bone density. If left unaddressed, some people can unknowingly develop osteoporosis. Vitamin D and K2, essential minerals, and collagen can all help maintain bone health. Seek advice from a pharmacist or doctor for high-quality vitamins and minerals or a customized multivitamin. The time to build stronger, better bones is now.


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