Managing Itchy Skin With Supplements

Eczema is an inflammatory condition that causes dry, itchy skin and rashes. Also known as atopic dermatitis, this long-lasting condition can occur at any age. Doctors usually recommend moisturizers, lotions, and prescription medications to treat the condition. However, supplements are another natural option to help patients manage eczema and get clear skin.

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Take your vitamins

Calciferol, or vitamin D is an essential nutrient that has many benefits, including improving symptoms of eczema. The vitamin works by diminishing inflammation in patients with atopic dermatitis. Another important nutrient is vitamin E which can be taken orally or applied topically in skincare products. Vitamin E lessens eczema symptoms such as itchiness and promotes good skin health. Zinc is another essential nutrient for the immune system. Research has shown that zinc helps to heal inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and acne. An over-the-counter (OTC) multivitamin usually contains all 3 vitamins.

Fish oil for inflammation

Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be beneficial for the brain and heart. Due to fish oil’s anti-inflammatory effects, research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help control eczema symptoms. This vital nutrient can be obtained from the diet or by taking a supplement.

Better sleep and better skin?

Melatonin is typically known for treating sleep disturbances and helping people get more shut eye. However, according to research, getting enough melatonin may help reduce eczema symptoms. Melatonin decreases swelling caused by atopic dermatitis. Currently, studies have only been done in children, and more research is needed on the use of melatonin for adults with eczema. Melatonin also comes in supplement form or can be consumed from eating foods like cherries and pistachios.

Can good bacteria help?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are good for the immune system. Probiotics are known to have many health benefits. Some studies have demonstrated that probiotics help improve eczema symptoms, while others have found that probiotics do not positively affect people with eczema. Currently, further research is needed to validate the effects of probiotics on eczema.

Additional home remedies to try

Besides having a healthy diet and taking supplements, other home treatments may help lessen eczema symptoms. Non-prescription remedies include applying coconut oil, petroleum jelly, apple cider vinegar, or colloidal oatmeal to the skin. A cool compress can also help with eczema flares.

Taking control of eczema

Moisturizers, medications, supplements, home remedies, and a healthy diet are all possible ways to treat eczema. Preventive methods such as not itching, avoiding the trigger or irritant, and using a gentle soap can also help. If choosing to try a supplement, always check with the dermatologist to determine the most effective dose to take. Clear skin may be possible with the right combination of vitamins.


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