Supplement Your Way To A Healthy Life

Supplements and vitamins are a wonderful way of filling in nutritional gaps in a person’s diet. Unfortunately, many supplement regimens can fall prey to common mistakes. Simply taking the pills isn’t enough. Following best practices and avoiding the following mistakes can keep vitamin takers on the road to good health.

ReNue Rx Are Your Vitamins Working 5 Common Supplement Mistakes

1. Depending on supplements for all your nutrition

Supplements and vitamins alone aren’t enough to replace a healthy diet. Supplements are meant to fill in nutritional gaps, not cure severe nutritional deficiencies. A healthy assortment of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should never be overlooked. A varied diet with whole foods is the first line of defense against sickness.

2. Taking too much

When taking supplements and vitamins, sometimes, more isn’t better. Always follow the recommended dosage for each supplement. Overconsuming certain substances can lead to adverse side effects. In other cases, people may be overconsuming without getting any additional benefits and wasting money.

3. Not following directions

Health experts recommend looking over the label for the recommended directions. Some vitamins work better with food, while others require an empty stomach. People should follow the directions to ensure each vitamin is absorbed correctly. Labels may also list possible medication interactions.

4. Not storing the vitamins in a cool and dry space

Avoid storing vitamins and supplements in a bathroom medicine cabinet due to high humidity. The temperature fluctuations from heat sources in your kitchen can also reduce the effectiveness of vitamins. Instead, people should find a cool and dry space such as a kitchen cabinet away from the oven to store vitamins.

5. Not taking the right combination

Some vitamins and minerals work better with others. For instance, vitamins D and K help the body absorb calcium. Vitamin C encourages the release of iron. Some vitamins, however, may reduce the effectiveness of other vitamins. Consult with a healthcare professional to determine which vitamins to take in combination.

Research, research, research

In today’s world, supplements are misunderstood nutritional tools. The FDA does not pre-approve dietary supplements. As a largely underregulated market, supplements require careful research and consideration. Always choose supplements from well-known brands and ask a pharmacist for recommendations.

Optimize your supplement regimen

A healthy lifestyle is the backbone to a healthy life. Knowing which supplements and how many to take can help patients get the most out of taking vitamins. Avoiding common mistakes can improve the efficacy of supplements over the long run. For more questions about supplements and vitamins, speak with a pharmacist.


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