The Path To Better Healing

Surgery is a powerful tool for repairing damaged ligaments and bones, replacing joints, or restoring joint function. Procedures have evolved to be minimally invasive, with some even using artificial intelligence (AI) and robots. Regardless of the technique, the patient still needs to go through a period of healing to repair the incisions and adjust to internal changes. The goal after any surgery is to facilitate better healing with a healthy diet, rest, and pain management. However, supplements can help provide even more support for healing, with these 4 proven to boost recovery.

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1. Calcium for bone healing

During recovery, calcium is an essential nutrient that all humans need for a healthy body and proper bone health. People who have bone-related surgeries, like an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) or knee replacement, need more calcium to speed up healing. Calcium also helps with muscle contraction, cardiovascular health, and blood pressure regulation. Although calcium is present in dairy and some vegetables, many people are still deficient, so a supplement can help during recovery. Note that calcium works best when taken with a daily recommended supply of vitamin D to help with absorption.

2. Zinc for wound healing

An essential mineral, zinc is only required in trace amounts. However, the tiny amount is enough to significantly impact many of the body’s functions. For surgical healing, studies show that zinc plays a major role in reducing inflammation and wound healing. Zinc levels are notoriously low in post-surgical patients, so supplementation during recovery is essential.

3. Magnesium

Many Americans are unaware of the power of magnesium. This essential mineral plays a role in hundreds of processes like muscle growth, nerve health, cardiovascular health, and energy production. The average adult can get different types of magnesium from nuts, seeds, and lean meats, but many are still deficient. A supplement is essential for surgical patients. Studies show that magnesium reduces post-operative pain and decreases the need for opioids. With less pain, recovery is much easier.

4.Try some omega-3 fatty acids

People who regularly eat fatty fish, nuts, and seeds get a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help with cell production, immune health, and energy. The health benefits also extend to the heart by keeping triglycerides in check. In addition, patients may see benefits from an omega-3 supplement during recovery. Omega-3 can reduce complications and infections and keep the body healthy during this compromising time.

Boost recovery with supplements

After surgery, most patients want to resume normal activities as soon as possible. Rest, pain management, and physical therapy (PT) take precedence, yet many patients forget the role of nutrition. Essential minerals, like calcium, zinc, and magnesium, can support the body during recovery. While doctors recommend a balanced diet, supplements can pick up the slack. A pharmacist can help recovering patients select the best multivitamin.


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