Why Does Wound Healing Matter?

When there’s a break in the skin that may or may not bleed, a wound is said to have occurred. A simple fall or cut at home can cause damage. Larger, more severe wounds can happen in scenarios like car accidents or due to certain diseases. Once an injury occurs, the body goes through several stages to repair the damage. The faster the wound heals, the lower the chance of infections and other complications. Effective wound healing also limits the size and appearance of scar tissue. For larger cuts, effective wound healing means the patient can resume normal activities sooner. Vitamins and minerals are critical supplements after an injury to aid the healing process.


Superhero healing with supplements

All wounds need time to heal, but there are a few ways to speed up healing. Doctors recommend staying hydrated while keeping the wound clean and dry. More severe injuries can benefit from advanced treatments, like oxygen therapy. Yet, in all cases, wounds can benefit from vitamin and mineral supplementation. The body needs additional nutrients to heal the wound while maintaining regular function. Not just any vitamin or mineral will do. These 4 are critical for achieving quick healing.

1. Seal scars with zinc

Only required in trace amounts, zinc is an essential mineral that does wonders for wound healing. For starters, zinc reduces inflammation and oxidative stress. Zinc also helps with cell membrane repair and scar tissue formation while supporting the immune system. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for zinc is 8-11mg daily, but higher amounts can be used for wound healing.

2. Vitamin A to boost collagen

Retinol, or vitamin A, is a fat-soluble nutrient essential for many of the body’s processes, including wound healing. Studies show that vitamin A helps with the production of new cells and collagen, which keeps the skin strong and elastic. Vitamin A also helps reduce inflammation, supports the immune system, and fights infections. Most people can get vitamin A from a healthy diet, but supplements also help with severe wound healing. This vitamin can be harmful when taken in excess and in certain situations like pregnancy. Therefore, speak with a doctor or pharmacist before using a vitamin A supplement.

3. B-complex for healing

There are 8 B vitamins that work together to support hundreds of processes in the body. The primary use of B vitamins is breaking down food into energy. Other benefits include deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) production, metabolism, and nerve and brain health preservation. All B vitamins assist in wound healing. For instance, some help promotes a healthy immune system necessary for recovery. Vitamin B6 enhances collagen production, while B12 helps with DNA synthesis and repair. A B-complex vitamin combines the appropriate dose of these 8 essential vitamins to promote wound healing.

4. Ascorbic acid for wound healing

Vitamin C is generally recommended for fighting colds, but this nutrient can help wounds too. A vitamin C deficiency is known to delay healing, create dry, damaged skin, and cause excessive bleeding. Studies also show that vitamin C deficiencies can slow wound healing. Like vitamin A, vitamin C promotes collagen production, protects the immune system, and fights infections. Because some foods are fortified with vitamin C, most people are not deficient. However, a supplement may come in handy for healing wounds as fast as possible.

Heal faster and better

After an injury, regardless of the extent, the body needs time to heal. The A, B, and C vitamins, along with zinc, can help support the body’s wound-healing efforts. When taken consistently, the vitamins help increase cell turnover, enhance protein and collagen, and support the immune system. A doctor or pharmacist can provide the best multivitamin available or create a custom solution using techniques like compounding.


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