Finding The Best Quality Supplement

Over-the-counter (OTC) supplements are widely available and a prevalent industry. Multivitamins, in particular, make up a multibillion-dollar market with hundreds of brands and options available. Since many supplements are easy to produce, cost-effective, and have minimal regulation, countless low-quality brands are available. Multivitamins have some fantastic benefits, including filling in for nutrient deficiencies and preventing disease. However, many cheaper, low-quality options contain fillers or unnecessary ingredients. However, there are 3 potential risks with the long-term use of such supplements.


1. Too good to be true

The supplement industry is highly competitive. Brands will market multivitamins with claims that may not be true. For instance, the active ingredients may not be in the specific dosage or amount the label claims, failing to meet daily requirements. Furthermore, there may be additives, dyes, and other fillers that can lead to allergic reactions. Low-quality supplements are more likely to contain additives and not deliver on expected health promises.

2. The risk of toxicity

While low vitamin or mineral levels can present a risk, the opposite can also be true. Some low-quality supplements can have too much of a particular ingredient. In some cases, excess vitamins or minerals can harm the user, leading to vitamin toxicity. Common examples include excess vitamins A, D, and K. Signs of vitamin toxicity include vomiting, headaches, irritability, seizures, and stomach pain. In excess, specific vitamins can also interact with a person’s prescription medications, leading to even more dangerous complications.

3. Poor quality means poor results

Low-quality supplements often mean low-quality ingredients and poor manufacturing standards. The label may show the exact amounts and contain the desired ingredients. However, multivitamins may contain an inferior formulation. For instance, the multivitamin may contain a less bioavailable form of magnesium, zinc, or iron. As a result, the user may not get the correct type of amount of a recommended daily vitamin. This can lead to vitamin deficiencies and associated health problems.

The solution is compounding

Is there a way to ensure the quality of a multivitamin? The best way is to have some control over what goes into the supplement with compounding. A compounding pharmacist can create a unique supplement or prescription based on the individual needs of the patient. Compounding takes raw ingredients or multiple medications to develop a new formulation. The pharmacist and user have control over the vitamins used and the bioavailability of each component. The benefits of compounding include fewer allergies, a higher quality product, and better absorption. Compounding also allows the patient to create multivitamins in a specific form, such as a liquid or pill. This extra step can significantly decrease the risks of low-quality OTC vitamin options.

Nourish the body smartly

Multivitamins are helpful, especially for people who do not have a balanced diet. Today, more than a third of Americans use a multivitamin. Choosing a high-quality option cannot be understated, as this approach can help with the user’s long-term health. A pharmacist can recommend the best options on the market or use compounding to create a custom supplement to achieve optimal health.


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