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Filling prescriptions have now become a necessary part of life. Some 45% of Americans have at least one prescribed pill. Others participate in polypharmacy, having 5 or more prescriptions. Regardless of the number, refilling the prescriptions and adhering to the drug can improve health and wellness. For some people, filling the prescription at the same pharmacy is not important. Receiving the medication is all that matters. However, there are some valuable benefits if patients stick to one location.

ReNue Rx The Benefits Of Refilling On Your Prescriptions At The Same Pharmacy

Why do we use multiple pharmacies?

When a doctor provides a prescription, a patient will naturally go to the nearest pharmacy for the medication. However, over time, the pharmacy becomes less relevant, mainly due to price, location, online capabilities, and trust. The preferred pharmacies then will not have a complete medical picture, which can be dangerous.

Avoid dangerous drug interactions

When patients stick to one pharmacy, the pharmacist has a complete medical profile. With a full profile, pharmacists can ensure there are no dangerous drug interactions. For example, some prescriptions can cause wanted reactions or symptoms with other drugs. One consistent pharmacist may also know the over-the-counter medications or supplements that a patient is using.

Fewer errors and mix-ups

More than 100,000 medication errors are reported yearly. Some mistakes are as simple as the wrong name or wrong dosage on a prescription. In other cases, the patient can get the wrong medication or no use instructions at all. Mix-ups are also more likely if patients constantly move between pharmacies. Using the same pharmacy improves overall medicine management.

Multiple pharmacies increase non-adherence

For prescriptions to work, patients must take the medication on time and in the right doses. The time and effort to refill in multiple locations can reduce medication adherence. A study on patients using multiple pharmacies showed higher rates of non-adherence to the medication. One pharmacy means one routine, which could significantly improve health and quality of life.

Building a relationship with your pharmacist

One pharmacy means one great patient-pharmacist relationship. A pharmacist that understands a patient’s medical history can advise on the best medication for the condition. In many cases, the pharmacist is a subject matter expert in the absence of a doctor. Patients who have general questions can get trusted advice while refilling prescriptions. A great relationship means quality service and faster turnaround times.

Stick to one pharmacy

Having a singular, trusted pharmacy for all medication needs has excellent benefits. Taking the extra time to visit or use one pharmacy means reducing errors, predictable logistics, and better quality of service. There’s also safer pharmaceutical care in terms of dangerous drug interactions. Patients still wanting to change pharmacies due to location, insurance policy, or cost transfer all prescriptions. Communicate with both pharmacists for a smooth transfer and stick to one pharmacy for a better overall experience.


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