Kids Need Medicine Too

Every year, millions of kids visit a pediatrician for a range of mild to severe health issues. For about 20% of these visits, a doctor will prescribe medication for pain or healing. Some common reasons include dental pain, oral thrush, rashes, and pains. Despite the benefits, many child patients have difficulties taking the mass-produced medications on the market. In addition, parents and kids alike can become frustrated due to the prolonged symptoms. To work around these challenges, pediatricians recommend a compounding pharmacist.

renue rx Pediatric Medications 3 Benefits Of Compounding

Compounding for children

Compounding is one of the most powerful tools in a pharmacist’s arsenal. The goal of compounding is to produce a custom medication in a custom form, specific for a patient’s needs. Pharmacists can take raw ingredients or combine multiple medications into one form. For kids, pediatric compounding takes the additional requirements of child patients in mind. Parents of pediatric patients choosing to compound will enjoy these 3 benefits.

1. Medicine just for kids

Most mass-produced medications come in children’s form. However, the medication can still be in a form that the child cannot take. In some cases, when the child needs specialized drugs, a child-friendly format may not be available. Some children have problems swallowing pills, while others struggle to adhere to medication due to the taste and administering method. Pediatric compounding can create a customized medicine the child can use safely and effectively. These include syrups, gummies, topicals, and some pharmacists can even produce flavored lollipops. Compounding significantly increases the success rates by turning medicine into a joy for kids.

2. Avoiding dangerous allergies

Some patients have allergies or severe side effects to the ingredients in over-the-counter or prescription medications. These side effects are a concern for parents and can delay treatment. Compounding can easily solve this issue as the pharmacist can create a new formula without the allergen. The simple change improves the long-term success of treatment.

3. The right medicine in the right strength

What if the child needs a drug that is no longer available? What if the drug is available, but the dosage is too strong for the child? These are all situations a compound pharmacy can address. The pharmacy can take the base ingredients and recreate the medicine for the child in the correct dose. Compounding not only opens up medicine availability but can be cheaper than sourcing the drug elsewhere.

Pharmacists and pediatricians rely on compounding

Pediatricians understand that finding the right medication for a child patient is a challenge. Some patients struggle to take the drug, while others are unavailable in the correct dosage. A compounding pharmacist works with the pediatrician to provide safe, usable medicine for the child’s benefit. Together both parties can monitor and adjust the medication, improving the chances of a healthier, happier patient.


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