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With the numerous commercial pharmacies available, the pharmacist workforce was on the rise. Anyone needing over-the-counter medications or prescriptions can easily visit a nearby pharmacy. At the same time, there are smaller pharmacies in large and small communities alike. In these pharmacies is the community pharmacist. This pharmacist’s role goes beyond dispensing drugs. For patients, getting to know a community pharmacist has a range of benefits.

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Community pharmacists have trust and accessibility

Community pharmacists have a key advantage. Most are from the community or have served the same neighborhood for several years. That cache of trust benefits community members as the pharmacist becomes a resource for health and wellness. The pharmacist will likely know the local patients by name. Most are accessible to answer basic questions and give advice. Getting to know a community pharmacist is like having a trusted expert at a moment’s notice.

Community pharmacists manage your medication

Getting to know a community pharmacist means trusting this expert with prescriptions and medication. Community pharmacists go the extra mile to manage a patient’s medicine. These smaller pharmacies can set up reminders for patients, automate refills, and run educational initiatives. Managing medication means the pharmacist will inform patients of discontinued medication or better alternatives for more optimal health.

Community pharmacists may practice compound medication

What if a drug is no longer mass-produced, too expensive, or hard to source? Some small, community pharmacies double as compound pharmacies. Compounding is the process of mixing several ingredients or drugs in one form. This process helps meet the specific medical needs of patients. When a drug is no longer available, the compounding pharmacist can source the raw materials and create a similar drug. This service also comes in handy for allergies, multiple medications, or side effects.

Community pharmacists help manage your health

The role of a community pharmacist sometimes goes beyond managing medications. There can be a vested interest in the quality of drugs and managing chronic conditions. Pharmacists ensure patients are taking the best medication with medication reviews. Reviews quickly assess what drugs and supplements the patient is taking. The pharmacist can then provide recommendations. Pharmacists also offer basic tests and advice on managing chronic illnesses as part of a holistic healthcare plan.

Your powerful community resource

Moving all prescriptions to a community pharmacist has a range of benefits. Community pharmacists are more accessible and strive to establish a rapport with patients. With an extensive knowledge of medication, pharmacists can help with medication adherence or side effects. Patients can now easily manage prescriptions and improve the symptoms of chronic conditions over time. Instead of stopping at a big-box pharmacy, leverage the benefits of the community pharmacist near home.


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