Keeping Your Blood Sugar In Check

There’s a reason why doctors are concerned about blood sugar. On average, 34 million Americans have high blood sugar, which can potentially lead to life-threatening diseases. The body extracts glucose from food, the core sugar found in the blood. The blood carries glucose to all cells in the body to use as energy. The pancreas handles this process, which creates insulin that allows blood sugar into the cells for energy. When there is too much glucose in the body, the results could be damaging.

What Supplements Help Lower Blood Sugar? Regulating Glucose

The dangers of high glucose levels

With high blood sugar, the cells in the body don’t typically react to insulin. Therefore, the pancreas makes more insulin to attempt to get the cells to respond. Sometimes, the pancreas cannot sustain insulin production. The result could be hyperglycemia, a severe condition that can injure a person’s nerves, blood vessels, and organs. Hyperglycemia leads to kidney disease, stroke, heart attack, and vision issues. This condition is also an indicator of diabetes.

Can a supplement help?

With the accessibility of foods and drinks with high sugar content, many feel that high blood sugar levels are unavoidable. However, various supplements can help with lowering blood sugar levels. Persons with prediabetes or hyperglycemia can use these supplements as part of a healthy diet. However, speak with a doctor first before taking any supplement.

Try some spicy cinnamon

Cinnamon can increase insulin sensitivity, helping this vital hormone to manage blood sugar more efficiently. This increase happens as the spice reduces glucose and triglycerides present in the body. As a supplement, cinnamon can even reduce a person’s blood sugar level by up to 10 mg/DL.

Max out your magnesium

Magnesium is an essential nutrient found in the body, responsible for several bodily functions. Low levels of magnesium are related to insulin resistance. Persons with insulin resistance can lose magnesium through urine, leading to a reduction in this nutrient in the body. A magnesium supplement can help with both boosting magnesium levels and managing insulin.

Curcumin can curb your glucose levels

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and is responsible for turmeric’s color and flavor. In a 2013 review, researchers saw curcumin reduce blood glucose levels. Furthermore, the supplement can also radically lower the chances of prediabetes in middle-aged, slightly overweight persons with higher than normal blood sugar levels.

Vitamin D, the brain, and your glucose

Vitamin D is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin, responsible for healthy skin, bones, and muscles. However, research has shown that vitamin D improves the body’s insulin sensitivity and, in turn, reduces insulin resistance. The studies revealed a relationship between the vitamin and the brain, affecting the cells that regulate insulin. This vitamin can also help with weight management, which is vital in keeping blood sugar at respectable levels.

Have you ever heard of white mulberry?

White mulberry, known as Morus alba, is a plant native to China. People have used the leaves and fruit for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. In one study, type 2 diabetes patients who take 1g of mulberry leaf 3 times a day for 4 weeks reduced blood sugar levels by 27%. The leaf slows both the breakdown of sugar in the stomach and into the blood. A daily supplement keeps the blood sugar levels in a controlled range.

Fancy some fenugreek?

Fenugreek seeds, leaves, and roots are popular in culinary spaces. But the amazing aroma is not the only quality one can get from fenugreek. A 2015 study shows that a dose of 10g of fenugreek saturated in hot water can control type 2 diabetes. These seeds comprise fiber that reduces digestion and the body’s absorption of carbohydrates and sugars. Also, a person can use fenugreek to develop how the body uses the sugar and increase the amount of insulin released.

Keep your glucose under control

Scientists continue to experiment with supplements to help control blood sugar. Some have shown great promise, benefitting persons with prediabetes or diabetes. Ultimately, taking supplements along with proper medication, diet, and exercise can keep glucose in check. Failing to regulate glucose could mean a lifetime of chronic conditions that severely impact the quality of life. Remember, before taking any supplement, speak with a pharmacist or doctor to avoid unwanted interactions.


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