A New Workout Partner

Starting a workout regimen for the first time? Jumping into a new workout routine? The best results require more than exercise. Vitamins are partners in performance and recovery. Do particular vitamins support particular fitness goals?

ReNue Rx Vitamins To Help Get Through Your New Workout Routine

Vitamin B12 for energy

Of the 8 B vitamins, B12, or cobalamin, has a host of specific benefits. A key function is converting carbs into energy. If people are experiencing a lack of energy during exercise, a B12 deficiency may be the problem. B12 also helps mood. Start a new exercise regimen feeling amazing. Meat, fish, and dairy products contain loads of B12. Likewise, enjoy B12 benefits from a B-complex supplement.

Vitamin D for performance

Vitamin D’s main job is to help absorb calcium and magnesium. But the fat-soluble gem may also help performance. A study revealed improved fitness levels from a test group with higher vitamin D. The group also experienced improved oxygen intake. Get vitamin D from supplements, the sun, meat, eggs, and fish.

Vitamin C for soreness

Ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, is popular for fighting the common cold. Vitamin C also helps physical performance. Athletes usually expect muscle soreness after a workout. Luckily, vitamin C helps with soreness. Vitamin C is present in foods like green peppers, berries, and citrus fruits. Similarly, a supplement helps with recovery in no time.

Warning! Workouts increase oxidative stress

After a workout, tissues and cells break down and create free radicals. Free radicals can react with other molecules in the body, contributing to many diseases. Antioxidants in the body naturally combat free radicals. In contrast, more free radicals than antioxidants cause oxidative stress.

Vitamin E for protection

Some oxidative stress is a good thing. However, the harder the workout, the larger the oxidative stress. A new intensive workout pushing past limits has a long-term impact. Vitamin E balances the playing field, fighting free radicals. Take vitamin E to protect the immune system. Besides a supplement, nuts, seeds, and oils are the best source of vitamin E.

Create a vitamin workout toolkit

Vitamins are necessary to move every day. As movement intensity increases with exercise, the body has a need for certain vitamins. Check with a doctor before physical activity. A physician or pharmacist can recommend a multivitamin or supplement to make new routines a success.


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