Does Veganism Cause Nutrient Deficiencies?

The vegan diet is by no means a new concept. While a meal plan that skips all animal-related foods might be trendy nowadays, the idea has existed for thousands of years. Whether for moral reasons or to improve health, many people have decided that a diet free from meats and animal byproducts is the right choice. However, opting for a more restrictive meal plan can sometimes lead to unintended consequences such as nutrient deficiencies. Vegans can benefit from a compounded supplement to obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals.


Reduced protein intake

Animal products aren’t the sole source of protein for a daily diet. However, the category represents the easiest and most consistent ways for a person to consume adequate protein. Having low protein levels is a common concern for many vegans. More importantly, individuals on the vegan diet are most likely to experience protein deficiency compared to vegetarians, pescatarians, or people following modified food plans such as the Mediterranean diet.

Low omega-3s

Like protein, omega-3 fatty acids are another critical nutrient found most abundantly in animal products. Many vegans struggle to achieve adequate intake since the primary source of such an essential micronutrient is oily fish. To be clear, non-animal sources for omega-3s do exist. However, vegans that fail to properly plan a diet rich in essential nutrients may struggle to find alternative options.

Not enough iron

For many vegans, iron is another essential nutrient often lacking in the diet. Most people think that anemia is the sole outcome of not consuming enough of the nutrient. However, other symptoms that can demonstrate a deficiency include tiredness, weakness, problems concentrating, more frequent infections, and stomach problems.

Consider supplementation

While a vegan diet can give a morality boost or even aid in quickly reversing certain health conditions, nutrient deficiencies are a potential side effect if not managed properly. Supplementation is often encouraged for individuals following such a meal plan. However, many supplements contain gelatin or other animal byproducts. Likewise, for individuals lacking several nutrients, taking multiple pills every day may not be appealing.

Compounding for vegan supplementation

Many committed vegans struggle to consume enough critical nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, iodine, calcium, omega-3s, protein, and creatine through traditional plant-based food options. Opting to visit a compounding pharmacy can be a smart way to have a customized multivitamin created. The pharmacist can ensure that the proper nutrients are included and that non-animal-based products are used for the contents and capsule.


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