ReProtein Complete (LifeCore Complete Vanilla)

ReProtein Complete
  • Patient Types: meal replacement, weight loss, general healthy eating

  • Healthy proteins that induce fullness: pea, whole-grain brown rice, and potato protein

  • Healthy fats to make you feel full: virgin olive oil, medium chain triglyceride, alpha linolenic acid

  • Healthy sugars (stevia) and high fiber to minimize sugar spikes

  • Free of dairy, soy, fructose, hydrogenated oils, gluten, and GMO’s


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Convenient and quality service. Ive never had my prescriptions filled quicker and the pharmacist took the time to tell me about what I was taking.

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Excellent experience! Friendly, knowledgeable staff!

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I have been a customer since they opened. Julie and Hiten have both treated me with the utmost respect and have always been ready to take care if my needs with a smile

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