We Can Create More Energy

With only 86,400 seconds in the day, creating more time is impossible. There never seems to be enough time to work, take care of the kids, exercise, and spend time with family. But creating more energy is possible. With the right energy levels, an intense day can feel like a breeze. Creating more energy can be as simple as a change in diet and adding key supplements.

ReNue Rx How Do I Boost My Energy Level Through Diet and Supplements?

Assessing energy levels

Before jumping into dietary changes or supplements, assess where energy levels are now. A lack of energy could be a side effect of an underlying issue. Thyroid problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, or diabetes impact energy levels. Once a doctor gives the green light, considered making the following changes to get the desired results.

Choose the right foods

A quick energy win comes from foods both consumed and avoided. To function, the body takes carbs, fats, and protein and converts these nutrients into energy. And while all foods do produce energy, some produce high-quality energy. Fruits like berries, oranges, and bananas provide an excellent source of natural energy. Foods like oatmeal, beans, spinach, and whole grains are slow-digesting, allowing a sustained energy flow. Add healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, and avocado and get the benefits of a complete diet.

You are what you don’t eat

Low energy impacts millions of Americans. Processed foods, alcohol, and sweets flood the body with simple sugars that can cause a sudden crash. These empty calories lead to energy-depleting conditions like obesity and diabetes. Avoiding processed foods, especially at the start of the day, helps boost energy levels.

Superhuman supplements for an energy boost

As simple as making dietary changes sound, inconsistency can bring energy levels back down. Including daily supplementation can account for some nutrients missed in the diet. Several supplements claim to boost energy. Which ones work best?

Try these key supplements for peak energy levels

Try supplements like CoQ10. This is the element responsible for energy production at a cellular level. The B vitamins impact the body in several ways. But a B12 deficiency can deplete energy levels. Magnesium helps activate ATP in the body, essential for energy production. A study showed an increase in the energy of elderly women taking magnesium versus those who did not. Vitamins C and D deficiencies also cause low energy. Taking 2-3 of these supplements daily can improve mood and sustain energy levels.

Putting it all together

With diet and exercise, a previously dragging person can be transformed almost overnight. Start with dietary changes to remove unhealthy habits and eat natural, whole foods. Eating small meals throughout the day may keep metabolism running at peak levels. Along with a consistent diet, add a combination of supplements like B-Complex, magnesium, and CoQ10 in the morning. Getting energy back is possible with mindful food and supplement choices. Ask a healthcare provider or pharmacist for recommendations before starting any new supplements.


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