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Pharmacogenomic evaluations use genetic information to predict how an individual will respond to a specific medication. Several genes in your body make up your genotype, a unique genetic makeup that determines your physical features. These genes, however, also play an important role in a person’s overall health because just as genes determine whether a person has blue or brown eyes, they also determine how a person will respond to a medication.

What will pharmacogenomic evaluation show?

Drugs are metabolized through different pathways. Some people have genes that increase or decrease the efficiency of these pathways, leading to faster or slower metabolism compared to the average person. Dosing and frequency of medications, however, are determined based on how quickly the average patient metabolizes the product, so a patient who falls into one of the other categories may experience different effects from a medication.

  • A fast metabolizer, for example will digest the medication more rapidly than most people, which means they may not get the full effect of the medication. These patients may benefit by switching to a new medication or increasing the dose or frequency of their current product.
  • A slow metabolizer will digest the medication less quickly than most people, so they may have a build-up of medication in their body simply by taking the normal dose. This can lead to unwanted adverse events or side effects without any increased benefits from the product. Reducing the dose or frequency of the current product or switching to another product may be beneficial in these patients.

Who can perform pharmacogenomic testing?

While other healthcare professionals may offer pharmacogenomic evaluations, pharmacists have in-depth training to understand how medications affect the body and how the body affects medication, so they are uniquely qualified to perform these reviews. Just as pharmacists identify drug interactions and drug allergies, they are able to take a leadership role in pharmacogenomic evaluations to determine how an individual’s genetic makeup affects medications.

Through these evaluations, your health care providers are able to tailor drug therapy to your unique genetic makeup, improving outcomes and potentially lowering the risk of adverse events or side effects. Genetic testing helps your ReNue pharmacist identify pathways that may be inhibited or shut down, so they can work with your physician to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

If you are interested in learning more about pharmacogenomics, contact your neighborhood Frisco ReNue Rx compounding pharmacy.


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