Medicine Run Out On A Weekend?

Today, over 130 million American adults take at least 1 prescription medication. Prescription drugs are vital for managing symptoms of chronic conditions. If Friday night comes along and a patient realizes that the prescription is out, panic can set in. Missing doses for consecutive days may harm health. Medication running out on the weekend can be challenging as some doctors aren’t available to reissue the prescription. There are some steps anyone can take to navigate the weekend safely.

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Why shouldn’t you skip your medicine?

Is missing a dose or two a big deal? Medicine adherence can be difficult even with a full supply. Most adults will admit to missing at least one dose a week, but there are drawbacks. Missing consecutive doses can reset a current treatment regimen. Patients then end up dealing with an illness for longer. The side effects of missing doses can also impact the quality of life, causing headaches, fatigue, or nausea. In some cases, missing doses can lead to severe complications or a trip to the emergency room.

An emergency supply

An empty pill box can lead to anxiety. The first step is to remain calm and review all options. Community pharmacists are experts in dispensing drugs and managing patient information. Some patients have a close relationship with a neighborhood pharmacist who has filled prescriptions in the past. If the pharmacist is available, pay a visit with the last prescription and empty container on-hand. The pharmacist can verify the old medicine and provide an emergency supply until the doctor can provide a new one. In some cases, the pharmacist can create a similar, temporary drug using compounding.

Can your doctor help?

Is the doctor in on weekends? With virtual visits, that may be a possibility. Telemedicine has risen in popularity, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Reach out to the doctor using emergency contacts immediately. The doctor can have an emergency telemedicine appointment to provide a new prescription. The local pharmacy can then fill the medication once the drug is available.

Seek medical help

If, for some reason, these options are unavailable, visit a local clinic or walk-in service. Carry all medical information and request to see a doctor for a possible refill. Some patients may be concerned about side effects, withdrawals, or potential medical crises. In that event, visit an emergency room (ER). The doctors can monitor any symptoms or prescribe the necessary drugs.

Prevention over cure

Missing doses can have a severe impact on overall health. The weekends can be particularly tricky as the doctor or pharmacist may be unavailable. Still, reach out to each expert first for emergency help. If a community pharmacist fills the prescription, there could be a record from past medication reviews. The pharmacist can also create or recommend an alternative. If all else fails, practice an abundance of caution, and seek medical help over the weekend.


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