Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management

The complexity of medical care and treatment options today have led to an intricate web of healthcare providers and medications that can be challenging and confusing for any patient. Medication therapy management, sometimes referred to as MTM, is a group of services that facilitate collaboration between you, your pharmacist, your physician, and other healthcare providers, in order to help you navigate this complex environment and enhance individual outcomes.

What is MTM?

During medication therapy management, your pharmacist will assess and evaluate your entire medication regimen to help optimize your medication use and offer comprehensive health care that looks at all of your treatments, rather than focusing on each medication individually.

Medication therapy management incorporates several elements including a full medication review where your pharmacist collects your medical information and assesses your current therapies before developing a plan to address them. In a comprehensive MTM, you will discuss all of your current medications, both prescription and non-prescription medications, and your pharmacist will identify any actual or potential medication-related problems, including adherence challenges. During the review, your pharmacist may also provide educational materials to help explain your conditions and medications.

Once medication-related risks have been flagged, your pharmacist will work with you and your physician to develop a care plan to address these risks. Solutions may consist of several different things, such as, adding or stopping medications, switching to a different treatment, or using compounded products that can be tailored to your individual needs around doses and routes of administration. This care plan is meant to be one that you are able to easily maintain, so it will be developed as a collaborative effort between you and your pharmacist, as well as your physician, depending on your needs.

Who could benefit from MTM?

Medication therapy management is an effective method of improving patient understanding of disease states and medication use, leading to increased adherence to prescribed therapies, as well as reducing unnecessary side effects and medical costs.

While MTM may be especially beneficial for patients who have several chronic conditions or who take multiple medications, sometime provided by more than one physician, anyone who takes prescription, over-the- counter, natural, or herbal medications could potentially benefit from this service.

Medication therapy management is a one-on- one service that continues beyond your initial meeting. Your pharmacist will check in regularly to ensure you are taking your medication as prescribed and verify that the plan is working for you. If needed, you and your pharmacist can work together to alter the plan, because the end goal is a care plan that fits into your life.

Understanding your conditions and medication regimen at a more comprehensive level are important in order for you to be able to drive your health and medical needs, contact your neighborhood Frisco ReNue Rx compounding pharmacy.


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