Moving Multiple Prescriptions? Consider Compounding.

Taking a prescription medication for an ailment is not uncommon. Taking multiple prescriptions to deal with numerous conditions is becoming even more common. Managing medications is one of the biggest challenges for patients. Coordinating with pharmacists, administering techniques, and insurance can be discouraging. This stress can lead to medication non-adherence and the worsening of symptoms. The solution to this issue is usually consolidating medication at one pharmacy. However, there are some added benefits of using a compounding pharmacy instead.

renue rx 3 Reasons You Should Transfer Your Prescriptions To A Compounding Pharmacy

What’s a compounding pharmacy?

Tucked in a town or nearby shopping complex, one can find a compound pharmacy. While there are thousands of pharmacies in the country, these have extraordinary skill. Compound pharmacies can create custom medication using raw ingredients to suit the specific needs of patients. Before major pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists were trusted to use compounding to treat a range of ailments. Now, pharmacies only need to order and resell mass-produced drugs. However, medication and treatment are not always one-size-fits-all, and that’s how compounding can help. Moving all prescriptions to a pharmacy that offers to compound has 3 additional advantages.

1. It can significantly reduce the need for polypharmacy

Polypharmacy is the continued use of multiple prescriptions. This may sound like a foreign concept, but 1 in 5 adults over 40 use 5 or more prescription drugs. Managing multiple medications is quite tricky and is often the cause of non-adherence, worsening symptoms, and hospitalization. A compounding pharmacy can help by consolidating multiple prescriptions and the physical drugs. The pharmacist can combine similar drugs or complementary drugs into one form. The result is a healthy patient and increased uptake of medicine.

2. Compounding creates discontinued drugs

Major pharmaceutical companies often discontinue the manufacture of drugs. The reason could be profit, lack of demand, or changing to a different formula. The older drug could have been perfect for an individual, producing fewer side effects. Transferring medication to one pharmacy could mean difficulty sourcing the drug. However, a compounding pharmacy can replicate the medicines for the patient with raw ingredients.

3. Patients can change the form at will

These experts can combine and change the drug’s delivery method with a compounding pharmacy. For instance, a patient can change from a pill to a liquid or topical form. The change can help patients who take multiple medications avoid side effects. A topical form of a drug may be more effective while avoiding dangerous combinations or reducing the strain on the liver.

Enjoy the compounding advantage

Moving multiple prescriptions to one pharmacist improves adherence, updates medical records, and helps build rapport. One pharmacy means one less worry for those with various medicines. However, that convenience can go a step further with a compounding pharmacy. These experts can form special drugs, combine existing ones, and even change the form. The benefits of finding and sticking with a compounding pharmacy far outweigh the stress of medication management.


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