A High Price For Pain

The world can be a painful place. One in 5 people in the US alone has chronic pain, with chronic pain particularly affecting women and the elderly. Varying conditions and injuries cause different degrees of pain. For some, going about daily life becomes difficult. As a result, pain management has become a key part of healthcare. Pain management ranges from applying therapeutic, physical, hot and cold therapy, and medicinal care. Some medicines are topical and are a great alternative to conventional pain management.

ReNue Rx Are Topical Treatments A Good Alternative For Pain Management?

How topical treatments work

Topical treatment includes creams or gels applied directly to painful areas of the body. Topical medicines are popular and range from over-the-counter to prescription medications. These medicines make up a multi-billion dollar pain management industry. While many doctors advocate for medicines taken orally or through injections, topical treatment has great advantages.

The best ingredients in a tube

Topical treatments have effective ingredients that can’t be ingested. Stronger ingredients mean a strong alternative to pills and injections. The biggest concern is the effectiveness of using something superficially. But the proof is in the research. A test group with chronic pain had a significant decrease in pain after using topical treatments for 3-6 months.

Goodbye side effects

While some oral pain medication is very effective, patients fear the side effects that come with continued use. Some side effects can be as troublesome as the pain, preventing activities like driving or working. With a topical option, patients don’t need to worry about managing both pain and pain management side effects.

No more opioids

Some pain medication contains strong opioids which can lead to addiction. Over the last 20 years, over 200,000 opioid overdose deaths occurred in the United States. Many healthcare providers are looking for alternatives to opioids, such as minimally invasive surgery. Topical pain management may be another solution. Using topical treatments, over 49% of a research group was able to completely stop opioid use within 3-6 months.

Limited time or money? No problem

While physical therapies and alternative pain care are extremely effective, both are time-consuming and costly. For immediate treatment, topical options can be purchased from a pharmacy for immediate relief. Having relief at a fraction of the cost helps people who are unable to afford other forms of care.

Improve quality of life

The goal of pain management is to improve the quality of life. For pain sufferers, a range of physical, therapeutic, and technological pain management techniques are available. Using a topical treatment gives patients direct relief at a cheaper cost. There are also reduced side effects with added convenience. Consult a doctor or pharmacist about the best topical treatments on the market.


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