Meeting All Your Nutritional Needs

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, especially with today’s busy lifestyles. While nutrients are best consumed from whole foods, a multivitamin can provide a safe and effective way to supplement any nutritional deficiencies. Supplements shouldn’t be the only source of nutrients, but a range of multivitamin options for men and women can be beneficial.

Renue Rx What Should I Look For In A Multivitamin Supplement Options For Men And Women

Are multivitamins necessary?

Some studies suggest that a daily multivitamin can improve health and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. The results may be inconclusive, but healthcare providers recommend multivitamins to many patients, including, but not limited to:

  • People with a low-calorie diet of less than 1,500 per day
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • People who are injured, sick, or recovering from surgery
  • Infants with nutritional deficiencies
  • People with food allergies or dietary restrictions

Supplement considerations

Before consuming a multivitamin regularly, individuals must refer back to the government’s recommendations for vitamin and mineral intake. Consuming too much of one vitamin or mineral could prove toxic. People should also consider the number of vitamins and minerals consumed through food, on top of supplements. Patients can discuss multivitamin options with a doctor to determine the right multivitamin or specific vitamin or mineral needed.

Choosing the right multivitamin

Choosing the right multivitamin can seem like a stress-inducing and impossible task. Before purchasing a supplement, consumers should review the percent of daily values (DV) for each vitamin and mineral in the multivitamin. Below are tips for choosing a safe, effective, and affordable multivitamin:

  • Check the expiration date to ensure the bottle can be finished.
  • Check for a United States Pharmacopeia (USP) seal to ensure proper testing.
  • Check for ingredients that can trigger food allergies and sensitivities.
  • Ensure some, but not all, nutrients contain 100% of the daily value.
  • Consider nutrient needs based on age and gender.

Supplement options for men and women

Nutritional needs change with age and vary based on gender. For example, seniors may require more vitamins B6, D, and calcium. Premenopausal women require more iron compared to other demographics. Some multivitamins for men are specifically designed to improve heart, prostate, and reproductive health.

Taking your multivitamin

Choosing the best multivitamin is just one part of the process of meeting nutritional needs. Individuals can take a multivitamin during any time of the day. Food can make taking a multivitamin more comfortable and efficient. Experts recommend taking multivitamins with meals with fats and oils to increase absorption. Multivitamins may not be for everyone, but supplemental nutrients can be beneficial for a large portion of the population. Speak with a pharmacist to learn more about choosing a multivitamin.


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